Career Break Call to Action (Inspired by the Songs of Glee)

Written By: jeff

Posted On: October 6th, 2011

This is dedicated to all those who have taken a career break, all those planning one, but especially for all those that aspire to take one soon.

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Last year's cast of Glee, I mean, Meet, Plan Go!

A Career Break Call To Action

Having a Bad Romance with your job? Feeling like you want to Take a Bow? But maybe fears about all those Bills, Bills, Bills is making you feel trapped. Maybe leaving your job to travel makes you feel Alone or like a LoserHey Soul Sister, taking a career break isn’t a crazy Teenage Dream when your job is leaving you with No Air. Sometimes you have to just Go Your Own Way, get Physical and make your stand to say “It’s My Life!”  Taking a career break isn’t Pure ImaginationImagine all the people who found their True Colors and came back Stronger. It’s not about being Lucky. It’s not even about Taking Chances. It’s about looking inward, to that inner, personal place, Somewhere Only We Know, and committing to yourself that this is the Last Christmas before you go Over the Rainbow. It’s about going to the Borderline where your Smile is so big, that you Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore. In fact, you are Burning Up, and on such Fire that your friends and family are screaming for Ice, Ice Baby. You are Defying Gravity and can’t wait to be Leaving on a Jet Plane.

This is How We Do It!

  • First, Try a Little Tenderness With Yourself. While your burnout may make you feel less than Bootylicious, or like you want to Bust Your Windows, that’s no way to deal with your Toxic situation.
  • Second, Bust a Move. And think about yourself Leaving on a Jet Plane. Then, Dream On, set a goal. What needs to happen to make you feel Like a Virgin on your career break? What do you need to achieve so you can say “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life?
  • Third, Give Up the Funk. Make your plan and focus. Don’t be Proud Mary! You really want to Light Up the World? Then, PYT (Pretty Young Thing), if what you’re doing doesn’t move you towards your career break goal, then treat it like Poison, and Run Joey, Run. And, if you’ve got a few nasty naysayers in your midst, don’t be afraid to say “Don’t Stand So Close to Me!
  • Fourth, My Man, it’s time to put on that Poker Face and go for it. Jump off that Highway to Hell and get yourself Rollin’ in the Deep sooner rather than later. Life is out there and it’s your turn to be Lovin’/Touchin’/Squeezin’ all it has to offer. Just be sure to respect it if it turns around from time to time and says, “U Can’t Touch This!”

And just so you know, I’ll Stand By You.

So, Raise Your Glass and make this commitment to yourself. It will take less than 4 Minutes to open your life up River Deep, Mountain High.


Come join us at Meet Plan Go on October 18 at 17 locations around North America for an inspirational night to show you have to make your someday trip a reality. And if you’re in Texas, come to the Austin Meet Plan Go event which I’m hosting.

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  1. Job Tips » Career Break Call to Action (Inspired by the Songs of Glee) says:

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  2. Sherry Ott says:

    Next – I’d like this in video form with you singing it!!
    That hurt my head just reading it – I have no idea how you actually wrote it! Thanks so much for being a part of MPG! It’s because of people like you and Cheryl that make it great!

  3. jeff says:

    @Sherry. lol. I thought about a musical number. But, didn’t want to deal with the copyright crap. Maybe one day!

  4. Maria says:

    Laughed so hard had to make a mad dash – just in time, damn I am going to have to be more careful when reading this site.
    Maria recently posted..Manna from Heaven!

  5. jeff says:

    @Maria, no spit takes! lol

  6. Jennifer says:


    I’m going to try to attend the Meet Plan Go in LA next week, anyone wanna watch my kids for one night?
    Jennifer recently posted..What Will Happen to the JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa?

  7. jeff says:

    Jennifer, take them with you!!! It’s a family-friendly event. :)

  8. LOL This looks like great fun! I’d love to attend a MPG meeting – possibly next year.
    Nomadic Samuel recently posted..Smiles of Thailand | Photo Essay | Part 1

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