Sunset Over the Nile

Written By: jeff

Posted On: April 27th, 2012

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Another lazy day on the Nile comes to a close. Copyright

By day, travel in Egypt can be overwhelming: the heat, the amount of people, the noise, the crazy traffic, the hassling for baksheesh (tips) for even the most mundane task. It’s enough to wear out even the most intense road warrior. But, then there are moments and places that center you once again. Seeing the sun set over the Nile is one of those. I got this on a felucca ride up the Nile. It was the same trip where I showed you the full moon over the Nile. It was a suh-weet ride where I got today’s Suh-Weet Shot.

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  1. wow thats a great shot, the Mighty Nile at its finest

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