Seductive Paris at Dusk

Written By: jeff

Posted On: February 21st, 2012

This is a guest post from Sonia of Sonia’s Travels. If you like or aspire to travel to France or Paris, this is for you!

Seeing the world one step at a time is all about the details, the very significant and insignificant moments that allow us to appreciate a new place in a different light. I’ve always thought that there is no such thing as fast travel, or at least there shouldn’t be. It isn’t always easy to switch into “slow travel” mode, but that’s where the real rewards lie.

In my quest to stay away from restless destination consumption, I decided to explore Paris by night. After all, Paris isn’t called the City of Lights for nothing. While many tourists are taking the elevator up to the Eiffel Tower, I’m wandering the lively streets that surround the city’s popular monuments.

American lifestyle gravitates toward the “live to work” mentality but Parisians rebel and view life the complete opposite. They “work to live” meaning that after a long day at the office they enjoy the evening with friends.

A simple glass of wine, conversation over dinner and reconnecting with friends and family is what life should be about for everyone. While it’s extremely admirable to be a hard worker, it’s far more worthwhile to truly enjoy the life you are living and create memories with the people you choose to spend your life with.

Although there were a million other things I could have spent those hours doing, the feeling of living life as a local and not rushing off to see another monument made all the difference. There is a captivating energy about Paris at night and I was there to experience is all through the lens of my camera.




About the author: Sonia Gil hosts a weekly original web travel series called Sonia’s Travels with episodes shot in Mexico, Italy, Berlin and Paris. Each trip turns into a series of shows in which Sonia offers a small idea or tip about a place and the people who live there. New Episodes Premiere Every Thursday at 12 noon (9:00 am Pacific). You can also follow Sonia on Facebook and Twitter.



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7 Responses to “Seductive Paris at Dusk”

  1. Sonia Gil says:

    Thanks for the feature :)

  2. Sabrina Sint says:

    This is so beautiful and well filmed! where exactly is this? Its so nice to get the historical account behind the fake exterior…. I would love to visit! congratulations sonia on all of your success!

  3. Veronica Wilson says:

    The soundtrack of this video is my favorite. One day I’ll go back to Paris and do it Sonia’s way.

  4. Alexie Risk says:

    We all know that Paris has its way of enchanting humanity. This video shows exactly that. Paris has its own style and pace. And what makes it unique is its history. This video captivated how the city has evolved to what it is today

  5. Tyler says:

    Paris is surely aluring and has so much history behind it. Excellent video, keepup the good work

  6. Luigi Sagat says:

    I’ve been following your videos. I truly think you have so much going for you. This is one of my favorite videos because you give Paris another touch. The production of your show is awesome. Congrats!

  7. Max Purse says:

    Paris. A city that everyone wants a piece of becomes more romantic by the second with this video. It makes you want to be a part of it, specially at night.

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