Exclusive: London Olympic Park Construction Photos

Written By: jeff

Posted On: February 28th, 2012

London Olympic Tower

Olympic Tower

On my trip to London in January, I was treated to a quick taxi tour of the Olympic construction site before heading out to the Active Travel Show. The east side of London is currently under construction in anticipation of the big event this summer.

With access to cars open, we drove in, got out to take photos along the way and were really excited to get this rare glimpse of the work in progress. Our presence thought didn’t make everyone happy. Our tour caught the attention of the local security forces. On our way out, we were stopped.

¨Crap. They are going to make me turn over my camera,¨ I thought.

After a quick talk to the security folks (and probably seeing all of us with our conference badges around our necks), they let us go without much hassle. O I only found out later that there had been some security issues at the site. So, the authorities were more than a little curious about who was on the grounds snapping photos.

Anyway, here are a few of the exclusive photos from the construction site.

London Olympic stadium, Olympic tower

London Olympic stadium and the Olympic tower

London Olympics venue

Looking across the London Olympics' venue

london olympics aquatic center

Aquatic Center

London Olympics Basketball Stadium

View of the Basketball Stadium

London Olympics Basketball Stadium

Closer Up to the Basketball Stadium

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3 Responses to “Exclusive: London Olympic Park Construction Photos”

  1. Linda says:

    Let’s just hope it all gets finished in time, otherwise there’ll be egg on someone’s face!
    Linda recently posted..Where to Fly to – Salzburg

  2. Samantha32 says:

    I can’t wait how do it look when it is already finished, I know that this will bring a good things from London…
    Samantha32 recently posted..2012 Prophecy Disasters

  3. Exciting to see how it’s coming along! Especially the Anish Kapoor sculpture.
    Natasha @ Wandering Kiwi recently posted..Destination Uzbekistan: Tashkent pitstop

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