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Thanks to our Supporters for Donating

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Posted On: December 10th, 2012

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Almost a year ago, we created a fund raising drive for The Career Break Travel Show in Indie Gogo. It was a hard decision to make. After all, up until that point, the show had been completely self-funded. But, the time it was taking to get it to TV was taking its toll. Giving up was not an option, but we needed a way to help us move forward.

Enter our IndieGogo campaign.

We put the word out about our show. By the time we announced the fundraising campaign, we were well into talks with the Venture Channel about picking up our series. So, we felt safe that we could ask friends, family and supporters for funds knowing that our show was going to be aired, even if we weren’t sure of the timing.

In all, we raised just over $2600 from 33 people, who we promised that we’d thank right here on our site. In addition, I want to thank some other supporters, other bloggers and travel companies that donated to the cause to help give us some great things to give away.

  • Airtreks: Thank you for donating discount vouchers for airfare.
  • Meet Plan Go: Thank you Sherry and Michaela for donating a few of your Boot Camp programs that help people plan for their career break
  • SoloTravelerBlog: Thank you Janice for donating copies of your book, The Solo Traveler’s Handbook

Thank You Funders!!

Not every funder donated to us publicly. Some have asked that we keep their name private. But, we thank all of our 33 funders the same whether your name appears in this list or not. If your name isn’t here, it’s probably due to an administrative error on my part. Please let me know and I will get you on the list.

So, without further ado, I want to thank all of the people that gave to help make The Career Break Travel Show a reality. In alphabetical order by last name.

  • Randy & Bruce Aldridge
  • Victoria Assa
  • Greg Cooper
  • Diana Cordova
  • Tim Demagistris
  • Jeff and Julia Fetzer
  • Michael and Joy Girouard
  • Michael Hammond
  • Mateo Hernandez and Liliana Ortiz
  • Milton & Maxine Jung
  • Tiffany Jung
  • Vincent & Maureen Jung
  • Dave & Yvette Knapp
  • Karen Ledwig
  • Philip & Mercia Lochner
  • Bridget McNerney
  • Davy Tyburski
  • Francois van Loggerenberg
  • John Quattlebaum and Jay Sitlani
  • Noel Reidy
  • Paul Rubin
  • Michael Tieso
  • Alton & Lorna Vrana
  • Janice Waugh
  • Lorna & Kelly Weiershausen
  • Theo and Karen Winter
  • Sonia & Mark Zamborsky

Next steps:

We’ve already fulfilled many of the Indie Gogo perks we’ve promised. I have not sent out the postacards from Colombia yet. Those are coming. I promise. I still have to fulfill the photos I’ve promised and copies of the series will be coming once they’ve been launched on TV. So, look for that at the end of the year.

And, we’re just waiting on the channel to launch. Once it does, we will be one of the anchor shows so there will be lots of opportunities to catch every episode. More to come! Thanks to all for helping us get our start.

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