The Cabin That Inspired Bambi

Written By: jeff

Posted On: December 13th, 2013

Last week I showed off a boat tour in Bariloche that you can take to explore the lakes  in the area.  One of the stops on the trip shows off this innocuous cabin in the woods. Does it look familiar? It might. Apparently Walt Disney traveled to Bariloche. Upon seeing this cabin, the locals claim that he was inspired to write Bambi. I’m not sure if it’s true or not. But, it makes for a great local legend and gives you something memorable to tell your friends when you get home. Whether or not we can thank the Argentines for inspiring Bambi is unclear. But, I can thank them for inspiring today’s Suh-Weet shot.

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One Response to “The Cabin That Inspired Bambi”

  1. Jade Adele says:

    I love these urban legends almost more than true historical facts. :)

    Here every time you travel to a new Dominican location, it’s where Christopher Columbus first landed :)

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