Career Break Secrets Announces the Because Life Is Out There Tour

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Posted On: February 10th, 2014



February 10, 2014

Austin, Texas

Jeff Jung is returning to the US to hold a series of travel events for people who are interested in taking a break from their normal life and go abroad for a few months. Named the Because Life Is Out There Tour, each event will show every individual attending how they can make a career break happen for themselves. ¨I started Career Break Secrets to show people that a career break is in their reach. During the tour I promise to take people from armchair traveler to world traveler faster, cheaper and smarter than they ever thought possible,¨ said Jeff.

Known as ¨The Career Break Travel Guy,¨ Jeff will have a variety of small, intimate sessions at local businesses like coffee shops, wine bars and language centers. Seating is limited at each event to ensure that participants have the opportunity to interact with Jeff individually. ¨This event is specifically for people dreaming of a break and those that have started to move into the planning stage,¨ said Jeff.

These hour-long sessions will walk people through Jeff’s ¨Peace of Mind¨ planning process and take people through the career break lifecycle: Dreaming, Planning, Traveling and Reentry. Jeff will cover important topics like how to leave your job, how to budget, how to plan your itinerary and how to reenter once you’re back from your big trip. He’ll also deal with sensitive issues like how to ¨come out¨ to your friends and family and share your news with them. ¨People should come ready to put pen to paper. These sessions will be interactive and we’ll start applying the planning principles at the session. I want every person who leaves to take the outline of their plan with them.¨

Included in the $29.99 ticket price is a copy of Jeff’s book, The Career Break Traveler’s Handbook, which is part of The Traveler’s Handbook series. ¨With their outline in hand, participants can use my book to hash out the details of their plan and discover what other resources exist that can help them. I’ll also introduce them to the online career break community so they can meet other like-minded individuals. Hopefully, they’ll start building that community locally with others that they meet.¨

Dates are confirmed for the first two cities of the Because Life Is Out There National Tour. San Antonio’s events will be held from Febraury 17-22, 2014. Austin’s events will be from February 24-March 1, 2014. There will be events morning, noon and night to accomodate people’s busy schedules.

About Jeff

Known as the ¨Career Break Travel Guy¨, Jeff is one of the leading career break experts in the world. He started Career Break Secrets after taking his own career break from 2007-2008. An international traveler since his first trip to Australia at the age of 16, his career break made him a true citizen of the world. He left a fantastic but crazy consulting-turned-corporate-marketing career to learn Spanish fluently in South America, see magnificent sunsets and sunrises in far flung places like the Galapagos, Easter Island, Cappadocia, and the Nile River and learn to ski (at the age of 36!).

While he’s been to over 30 countries, Jeff spent most of the past five years in Bogotá, Colombia working on Career Break Secrets. In 2009, he set out to film the first season of The Career Break Travel Show. He wants to show people that a career break is possible, that real people do it, and how to get the most out of their own journey. In March, Jeff’s travels continue as he will spend two weeks in the Transylvania region of Romania volunteering at a bear sanctuary.

About Career Break Secrets

Career Break Secrets provides tips, advice and inspiration to career break and round-the-world travelers through an independent blog, newsletters, books and now The Career Break Travel Show. Follow Jeff  on adventures around the world to reignite, reconnect, and rediscover your passion for life through travel. We’ve been covered by several media outlets in the US, Canada and South America on TV, radio, print and online. You can connect with Career Break Secrets at, and on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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