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It’s The People That You Meet

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Posted On: July 11th, 2010

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Some of the people that I met! Copyright

So far on the trip, I’ve met a ton of really cool people.  Granted, there are a few I’d like to forget and are stuck in my head like a bad song that keeps replaying itself over and over AND over again.  Knowing that it’s such a crapshoot who you meet in life, I didn’t want to forget about all the people that I’ve been getting to know over the past 8 weeks – even if it was just for a split second.  Here is the list so far in no particular order (I’m sure I’ve forgotten tons of others).

  • Argentine professors, Florencia and Marcelo – got me back in my Spanish groove in Argentina.
  • Julian – activities coordinator in Argentina.
  • The Zimbabwean-British “duke” from Arg class – just a funny, funny guy who couldn’t have cared less about learning Spanish.
  • The young Dutch girls from Arg class – never said a word.
  • British Craig from Arg class – Hilarious Brit.  Loved the Spanish with a thick British accent.
  • Chelsea, the Mormon social worker who I spent most of my class time in Arg and Chile with.  You totally surprised me. Can’t wait to hear what’s next for you.
  • Jody – midwife from Oregon.  Wine lover extraordinaire.  Strong passion for travel.  Hope to see you again along the way.
  • Michelle – future industry tycoon from Kansas.  Not enough time to hang out.
  • Nicole – Connecticut social worker.  Solid, caring, adventurous.  Again, not enough time.  But, we always have your last day in Santiago.
  • Kristian – roommate and “hueon” from Wisconsin.  Like a younger brother.  Passion for life.  Will do well.  See you soon on the slopes.
  • Farida – Med student and future curer of something from Long Island.  Kept missing each other in Chile – wish we had more time to hang out. See you in “Lon Gisland.”
  • Noel – English teacher of foreigners from Illinois.  Loved having the last two days in Quito.
  • Meghan – Med student from SoCal.  Heading off to New Zealand to work so we’ll get to hang out more there.
  • Martha – Social worker from San Diego.  Interesting woman with interesting stories.  Passionate for love, life and travel.
  • Scottish dude who lives in Goa.  Quiet.  Not sure what his deal was.
  • Paul – British city planner with a thing for the Chilean women.  Funny, funny guy.  Passion for travel.  Not enough time.
  • Beatriz – Tough Spanish teacher in Chile with a heart of gold.  All the best with the “gua gua.”
  • Alicia – Spanish teacher in Chile for only three days.  Short and sweet.
  • Ale – My maestra for making my experience with the school excellent.  Also, teller of great stories and has incredible party stamina.  We’ll be keeping in touch.
  • Astrid – Heart of the Chilean school.  Kept us all in line, but always with love.
  • Danilo – I never got your name right.  ¡Disculpame amigo!  But, planned all activities in Chile and was great to hang out with.
  • Frenchie – ‘nuff said.
  • Jose Antonio – Host in Santiago.  Set designer of the Santiago theaters.  Very gracious and accommodating.  Loved hanging out and meeting the friends.
  • Bryan and Anne – Retired British couple who goes everywhere in the world. Met them in Easter Island and enjoyed the conversation and company.  May see you around the globe somewhere.
  • The Danish click, Christi and Dagne – Met while they in Quito before leaving to travel around South America.  Lived with Christi for a week and traveled with both to Otavalo and Cotapaxi.  And, how can I forget the popcorn and foosball at Finn McCools?
  • Christian – Ecuadorean prof who is also an anthropologist.  Taught me all the Spanish slang I needed (and didn’t need) to know.  ¿Me ves la cara de gringo?
  • Gloria and her entire family – host in Quito.  Felt like the old days when I was an exchange student and was welcomed into my SA families.
  • The horrible staff at Papaya Net in Quito – always trying to nickel and dime you or cheat you out of a few extra cents.
  • Dan – Travel agent who helped me book my trips to the Galapagos and Amazon.
  • Random Ecuadorian drug dealer guys – Offered me any drug or any type of woman I could want.  Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Matt – Another fellow traveler who left it all behind to travel for a while.  See you in Peru!

That’s all for now.  I’ll probably have another list somewhere along the way.

Originally published May 11, 2007

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