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Real Career Break Travel Stories: Caroline

Written By: jeff

Posted On: November 5th, 2010

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Caroline, “The Miracle Breaker”, United States

Caroline exemplifies the kind of transformation that can happen to people on their career break.  Leaving the US in January 2000, Caroline sought time to decompress and escape the burnout she felt after years in corporate sales for a local television station in Austin, Texas.  She and a good friend left to pursue an endless summer. After leaving India where she spent time volunteering, she was haunted by memories of conditions of the Indian orphanages where she worked.  She decided that it was time her endless summer ended.

She returned to Texas and founded The Miracle Foundation, which is changing the way orphanages are traditionally run in India.  The Miracle Foundation now operates 4 orphanages that currently serves over 500 Indian children and since its founding has served thousands of children.  The foundation provides opportunities for people to get involved directly by making trips to India or indirectly through sponsorship of a child.

Her advice to people thinking about a career break? “Go. Run, don’t walk. We’re not getting any younger. It’s good for you; it gives you perspective.”

Check out some of Caroline’s pictures from her career break travel adventures.

career break travel adventures

Horseback riding on the beach. Copyright Caroline Boudreaux.

career break travel adventures

Scuba diving around the world. Copyright Caroline Boudreaux.

career break adventures in India

Caroline with orphans in India. Copyright Caroline Boudreaux.

career break travel adventures in India

Caroline in India. Copyright Caroline Boudreaux.

The Miracle Foundation

Millions of children in India share a similar story. A life of poverty with no family and little hope. The Miracle Foundation provides these orphans with food, water, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, love, and most of all – hope. Visit the website at

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