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Real Career Break Travel Stories: Paul

Written By: jeff

Posted On: November 6th, 2010

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Paul, “The If Not Now, Then When? Breaker”, UK/Chile

Before Paul knew it, Paul was in his 30s and managing his career without having taken time to take a big trip like he had always wanted.  One day while sitting in a meeting at work, he had his epiphany.  It dawned on him that he could quite comfortably spend the rest of his life working for the British government agency where he was. Or, he could take the time now to go to South America, learn a bit of Spanish and learn more about Latin American culture.  Paul wasn’t looking for a complete overhaul, just a chance to experience life outside the office. The thought driving him to take the trip at that moment was, “If I don’t go now when I’m in my 30s, when will I do it?”

After a few months of intense savings and planning, Paul headed to Santiago, Chile in 2007.  He enrolled in a Spanish language institute and did a bit of traveling around northern Chile and the Santiago area. While he wasn’t looking for a complete overhaul to his life, it happened after he met the love of his life, Alejandra in Santiago.  They met after only just over a week into his trip.  While he went back to Birmingham as planned, the relationship continued and eventually took him back to Chile.

His advice to people thinking about a career break? “Go for it. It’s never too late.  I thought it was too late when I was 23 and I did it when I was 34.”

Paul now lives in Santiago with his wife, Alejandra where they own and manage the Escuela Fronteras Spanish language institute.

Here are a few pictures from Paul’s career break travel adventure.


career break, career break travel, Patagonia, Chile

Paul backpacking in the south of Chile. Copyright Paul Davy.

career break, career break travel, Chile

Paul and Ale celebrating Chile. Copyright Paul Davy.

career break, career break travel, Chile

Paul visiting the cemetery in Santiago, Chile. Copyright Paul Davy.

career break, career break travel

Paul out with friends made in Chile. Copyright Paul Davy.

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