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Real Career Break Travel Stories: Sjoerd and Daphne

Written By: jeff

Posted On: November 6th, 2010

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Sjoerd & Daphne, “The Adrenaline Breakers”, The Netherlands

Sjoerd had been planning his career break for some time when he met Daphne; 2 weeks before his departure date.  Despite the chemistry between the two, he left on schedule in October 2007 for South America to travel and study a little bit of Spanish.  Daphne was so excited about the trip (and Sjoerd) that she joined him in January for the final part of the journey.

The trip included several adventure sport destinations like La Serena, Chile for rock climbing, hiking the “W” at Torres Del Paine park in Chile, Mount Fitzroy in Argentina, Machu Picchu in Peru and exploring the salt flats in Uyuni, Bolivia.  As a couple, the risk to travel together paid off.  Upon their return to Nijmegen, Sjoerd and Daphne moved in together.

Their advice to people thinking about a career break? “Do it. It can only enrich your life.  It doesn’t change your character completely, it just enriches you.  We are now more balanced, better with colleagues and better with our patients.”

Sjoerd and Daphne returned successfully to their nursing careers in Nijmegen.

Check out a few of their pictures from their career break travel adventure.

career break travel adventures in Chile

Sjoerd and Daphne in the Lake District of Chile. Copyright Sjoerd Van Loon.

career break travel adventures in Patagonia

Sjoerd out trekking in South America. Copyright Sjoerd Van Loon.

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