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Career Break Or…Trust Falls

Written By: jeff

Posted On: May 11th, 2011

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Buller Gorge on the south island is popular for ziplining in New Zealand. Copyright DiveMasterKing2000

Team building and trust within your work team are an important success factor in the working world. But, so often, those relationships fray. In-fighting, back-biting, sabotage and two-faced communications take over as people jockey for position to show that they are the top-dog with their boss. When things get really bad, your boss may decide that the team needs to take a corporate time out and go to camp for the day. Ropes, falls and facilitated communication games, while well-intentioned, are about as welcomed by the participants as a preacher in the red-light district.

If outdoor adventure is your cup of tea, then maybe an afternoon spent zip-lining what you’d rather be doing. Let’s compare doing ¨trust falls¨ with a real outdoor travel experience.

¨Trust Falls¨With Your Co-Workers OR Ziplining in New Zealand

¨Trust Falls¨ With Your Co-Workers Ziplining in New Zealand
The site Corporate day camp Over the rivers and through the woods, near the mountains and glaciers we go…
Why You’re Doing It You and your co-workers aren’t ¨communicating¨ Pure, unadulterated adrenaline rush
Ambient Sound Does it matter? Birds chirping, brooks babbling, breezes gentling blowing, and the adrenaline-induced screams of your fellow zipliners
Most inspirational Part Watching ¨Ted¨ (the kiss-ass that the boss loves) eat it on the ropes course Losing yourself in the natural beauty around you
Next Best Alternative Root Canal White Water Rafting
Last Thing That Goes Through Your Mind I can’t believe I’m really doing this I can’t believe I’m really doing this! Wooohooo!!!
Immediate Reaction After Just shoot me now…PLEASE Do it again! Do it again!
A Drink After Will… …dull the pain. So, better make it a double! …celebrate a successful day
A Shower After Because… …you feel dirty …you are dirty (with beautiful nature dirt)

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2 Responses to “Career Break Or…Trust Falls”

  1. The zip line – so glad you did it. Don’t you just want to jump back out there and go one more time?
    Acceleratedstall recently posted..Lather- Rinse- Repeat

  2. Cailin says:

    “trust falls” with your co-workers hahahaha
    I think I would definitely choose the Ziplining in New Zealand over that! haha :)
    Cailin recently posted..My South Shore Adventure in Iceland Part 2

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