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Career Break Or…Breakfast Meeting

Written By: jeff

Posted On: May 18th, 2011

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Nothing to see here. Go back to your breakfast meeting. Copyright

Just when things start calming down, BOOM, another fire drill hits. Because this issue is ¨critical¨ and ¨we have to get on it right away¨, your boss calls for a breakfast meeting. The only saving grace is that there’s probably going to be coffee and maybe breakfast will be brought in (Please be breakfast tacos. Please be breakfast tacos.).

If you have to be up and active at that hour, there are better alternatives. Catching a sunrise in some of the world’s best nature spots is one such alternative. When I was traveling, I saw the sunrise at Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. Even instnat coffee tasted pretty sweet on those occasions.

Of course, if you’d rather be discussing you ¨tactical response¨, ¨process redesign¨ or the latest budget cuts before the sun rises, don’t read on what your missing out. Stop it. Click to go back to the previous page.

Breakfast Meeting or Sunrise at Torres Del Paine Park in Patagonia

Breakfast Meeting

Sunrise at Torres Del Paine Park in Patagonia

The site

Conference Room Torres Del Paine National Park

Allows You to Take a Break From

Break? This is the opposite of a break Nothing really. Just a highlight on an already beautiful trip

Reason for event

Boss found a clever way to squeeze you like that glass of orange juice It’s one of the most beautiful sites in Patagonia

Why You’re Doing It

Because you have to Because you want to

Ambient sound

Racing heartbeat as you and your colleagues try to ¨add value¨ Wind blowing around you, crunching sound of hiking boots on the path as others arrive to take in the site, whispers as people remark on the beauty

Most inspirational part

It ends…except for those ¨Action Items¨ Watching the clouds burn off the Torres as the sun rises

Funnest part

Hmmmm. Let me get back to you Where to begin?

The conversation

¨We need to get on this¨, ¨This is critical to our team hitting our goals this quarter¨ ¨We’re going to need a task force for this¨ ¨Look at the color of the water¨ ¨I wonder what kind of bird that is¨ ¨I wonder if I can capture that with my zoom lens¨

The reference material

Agenda, reports, your ¨backup¨ The trail that got you there

Next Best Alternative

Um..sleep, perhaps? Sunset at Torres Del Paine

Little sleep to arrive on time so…

…there better be lots of hot coffee …so what?

How you feel afterward

Tired, ready for lunch. Oh wait, it’s only 9AM Chilled. Centered

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6 Responses to “Career Break Or…Breakfast Meeting”

  1. Daniele says:

    Hi Jeff,
    please for the next confront subject I suggest a “diner with customers”… :D
    Daniele recently posted..-14 days- How much do you fear

  2. jeff says:

    That’s a good one Daniele. Going to add it to the list! Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Don Faust says:

    I’ll skip breakfast, thank you.
    Don Faust recently posted..Cruising Carnival- Magic-style- Port of Dubrovnik- Croatia

  4. OMG! I just spent this morning running tests in a ship room so this couldn’t have come at a better time. I absolutely love this series. You should tackle “morale event” – stupid group activities that do absolutely nothing to raise morale – next.
    Chris @CAroundTheWorld recently posted..Cruising Carnival- Magic-style- Port of Dubrovnik- Croatia

  5. jeff says:

    Good tip Chris. Will add it to the list!

  6. Dave and Deb says:

    I will take sunrise at Torres Del Paine National Park please:)

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