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Career Break Or…Ordering Office Supplies

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Posted On: June 15th, 2011

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Fresh veggies. Mmmmm. Copyright

Honestly, I’m a bit of an office supply nerd. That’s probably a cry for help or a definitive sign that I needed a career break. Anyhoo. If you’re going to be on the search for something special, why not spend your time in the fresh markets in Spain. Enjoying Spanish cuisine doesn’t have to be just in the restaurants. Why not head out and spend some time exploring all the good and healthy freshness available to you in the markets. You’ll certainly taste it in the meal you make back at your hostel or rented apartment.

Of course, if office supply catalogs are your thing, don’t go any further reading this post. Just get back to it. Those file folders aren’t going to order themselves!

Ordering Office Supplies Or…Shopping for Fresh Ingredients at the Markets in Seville

Ordering Office SuppliesShopping for Fresh Ingredients at a  Seville Market
Occasion Out of paper clips again!Night in and time to experiment with some great Spanish meats, veggies, fruits, etc
Allows You to Take a Break From The latest fire drillThe temptation of all those great tapas bars (really more of a break for your wallet)
Ambient SmellsPopcorn from your coworker’s mid-afternoon snack. Damn, now you’re hungry too.Fresh seafood, freshly baked bread, fresh cheeses
Most Inspirational PartFinding a new stapler modelFinding a really nice cut of meat, fresh-from-the-garden veggie or fresh-from-the-orchard fruit that you can’t wait to eat
Funnest partOooh, pens are on sale!Stopping for a coffee or fresh juice while shopping
The reference materialA catalogStall after stall after stall after stall of yummy freshness
Last Thing That Goes Through Your MindClips, did I get the clips?Damn, we bought a lot of stuff!
Tasty?Microwave burned the popcorn again!Mmmmmm market-y goodness

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  1. Hands down easy choice! Take the break and shop the fresh/farmers markets – Spain or your current city.

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