Career break? OR...

Career Break Or…Picking Vendors From RFPs

Written By: jeff

Posted On: June 22nd, 2011

career break travel adventures in Spain

Just another day out wine tasting in Spain. Copyright

Picking Vendors from RFPs Or Wine Tasting in Spain

It’s a beautiful afternoon, sun is shining and decisions have to be made…red or white? Oh wait, I mean, it’s time to review those RFP binders for the new IT system that’s going to revolutionize how your company operates.  What could be more fun than reading responses from vendors that don’t answer your questions directly, didn’t take your request for information seriously and are pushing a strong sales message without really understanding the business problem you’re tasked with solving?

Going out wine tasting around Spain I’m sure isn’t the least bit tempting. Nope. Not at all. Stop reading now. Go back to your slick binders.

Picking Vendors from RFPs

Wine Tasting in Spain

The site

Wherever you’re most comfortable reading those 100 page responses + appendicesSomewhere in Spain (you’ll figure it out when you get there)

Allows You to Take a Break From

Your ¨real job¨ which you still have to keep up withDriving…you’ll need a designated driver after a day in the vineyards

Why You’re Doing It

Time for that fancy new IT system!No occasion, just want to taste the local libations

Funnest part

An answer to a question that isn’t a generic formulaic answerFinding that one bottle that you want to take with you (maybe even a case)

The conversation

Do they run on SQL servers or is it UNIX-based?¨Which one do you like best?¨ ¨Is that blackberry I taste?¨

The reference material

The vendor ¨scorecard¨ to judge if the vendors ¨meet your business requirements¨The bottles of wine in front of you

Next Best Alternative

Your job’s normal responsibilitiesThe vineyard next door

A drink after will…

…be necessary…be a port wine

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