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The Grandeur of Ephesus

Written By: jeff

Posted On: September 23rd, 2011

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Ephesus is enormous with lots to explore. Copyright CareerBreakSecrets.com

I knew precious little about Ephesus before I went to travel in Turkey. Located outside of Selçuk on the central, west coast, this old city is at once beautifully preserved and accessible. In Greece, I found many of the ruins cold and behind velvet ropes. But, in Turkey most places were approachable, allowing you to not only see them, but also touch them feel them. And, that tactile response, in a weird way, made me feel closer to them. You can’t leave Ephesus without getting a sense of how huge it is and how important this place really was. Its wide streets and partially standing ruins give you a sense of what it must have been like thousands of years ago when it was the 2nd largest city in the world, inhabited by an estimated 250,000 people! This photo giving you a peek inside the city is my pick for this week’s Suh-Weet Shot!

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8 Responses to “The Grandeur of Ephesus”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous shot! We’ll be cycling through Turkey this winter, Ephesus is on my must-see list! Any tips/hints you can pass on about the area? Favourite finds?

  2. jeff says:

    Hey Jennifer. Cycling through Turkey will be stunning. Could be quite cold though!!! Bundle up. Take the time to head over to Pamukkale. After all the cycling, you may want to spend some time at the spa. The waters there are legendary and worth some time. At Ephesus, go early. So much to see. We didn’t get a tour guide. Maybe we should have. If you want one, there will be plenty at the front gate for you to choose. There’s probably more in that region to see. We were sort of passing through so didn’t give it the time it deserved. Have a great trip!

  3. Deb says:

    This is the second post I’ve read about Turkey this morning. I have never been there and now I really want to go. I agree, it is a better experience when you can walk among the ruins and touch them. I have to get there before they start to rope it off to tourists!
    Deb recently posted..By Land or By Sea: Getting Active in Greece

  4. jeff says:

    Can’t recommend Turkey enough Deb. Definitely worth the trip.

  5. Much better than the photos I have of Ephesus.

    I also knew nothing about this place before my cruise stopped nearby for a tour. Really impressive!
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..Finding the Best Without Leaving Home

  6. Alex Berger says:

    Love the shot, especially the light on it!
    Alex Berger recently posted..Learning Danish – Surprising Realizations

  7. Emily Sims says:

    This shot is stunning–you capture so much in such a small space. The light is fantastic!

  8. Emily Sims says:

    I also want to add that the man in blue in the middle of the photo really grounds it, centers it somehow. I don’t have the vocabulary to adequately express what I mean, but I hope you understand!
    Emily Sims recently posted..Swimming with sea lions in the Sea of Cortes

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