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Istanbul Spice Market…The Most Colorful Place in the City

Written By: jeff

Posted On: September 30th, 2011

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One of the most colorful spots in Istanbul. Copyright CareerBreakSecrets.com

The food and spice market in Istanbul can be overshadowed by the Grand Bazaar just down the road. But, any foodie (or wannabe foodie) needs to visit the spice market. There are lots of places to buy your carpet when traveling in Turkey. But, there aren’t many places like this in Turkey, at least not on this scale. I can’t say I recognized everything. But, I loved the variety, the textures and the piles and piles of colorful powders everywhere. If you’re staying in a hostel, you can finally say goodbye to that bland chicken you’ve been making for the past 3 weeks and treat yourself to some something different. Or, just window shop like I did. This was one of my favorite places and I had to make it this week’s Suh-Weet shot!

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4 Responses to “Istanbul Spice Market…The Most Colorful Place in the City”

  1. We’re off for our annual jaunt to Istanbul tomorrow night – can’t wait – and will no doubt be buying many spices to bring back home to Fethiye with us.

  2. We were at the spice market in Istanbul yesterday and after visiting a few in the Middle East the last month we were a bit disappointed. It’s a bit touristy.Nice pic though.

  3. jeff says:

    It definitely is more touristy than most. But, still enjoyed it, probably because it was the first one I visited during my 3 weeks in Turkey. Plus, i just love markets in general.

  4. I really like Istanbul, especially the markets and bazaars! Istanbul is generally a very colorful city!

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