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Turkish Fisherman at Dusk in Eceabat

Written By: jeff

Posted On: October 21st, 2011

turkish fishermen, career break travel adventures in Turkey

Hauling in the catch for the day. Copyright CareerBreakSecrets.com

I arrived in the small town of Eceabat, across the river from Çanakkale near the historic sites of Troy and Gallipoli, at the end of the day. We took a little walk around town and made our way to a small pier where the local fisherman were wrapping up their day. Not seen in the picture were the cats who had assembled to see if they could score a few pieces of fresh fish for their own dinner. These men were intrigued by us and probably wondered why we were so interested in them. With a lot of hand gestures as our only communication tool, we spent about half an hour ¨talking¨ to them and watching them go about their daily routine. I caught a shot of this man bringing in his net to store it on the pier for the night. This small glimpse into village fishing life while traveling through Turkey is this week’s Suh-Weet shot!

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4 Responses to “Turkish Fisherman at Dusk in Eceabat”

  1. This shot reminds me of Crete, I love the fishing boats and small harbors in that area of the world!

  2. James Cook says:

    Great photo I have not yet been to Turkey only passed through on my way to romania and the ukraine!

  3. Aysun Canan says:

    Come to Turkey..Prefer april,may,june for most of the routes.:)
    Marvellous shot..:) Thank for your eye’s point of view..Just one thing i can say as a Turkish girl :) that s nit river you passed across..That’s the water gap, the channel between Marmara Sea and Eagean Sea..That s Sea i mean :):):)
    Following your footsteps ….:)

  4. Lovely light for this action photo

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