Many MORE Faces of Career Break and Long-Term Travel

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Posted On: August 17th, 2011


career break travel, meet plan go

Some of the hosts together in Vancouver at the 2011 Travel blogger conference

Long-term and career break travel is still a concept that eludes a lot of people. ¨Who are these crazy people?¨ As the concept gains acceptance and more people break away to travel, it’s becoming harder and harder to identify the sterotypical career breaker. From singles to couples to families to single parents to 20-somethings to 40-somethings to, egad, 50-somethings, people of all stripes are giving themselves permission to break from their career and pursue their personal passions.

Before Meet Plan Go 2010, I highlighted the hosts from around North America as a way of showcasing a cross-section of these travelers. Now, we’re gearing up for Meet Plan Go 2011. The event has grown and so too has the cross-section of travelers who make up this well-traveled crew.

As with last year’s post, this is my non-scientific, but not completely random categorization of travelers represented by the Meet Plan Go hosts. Many of the folks listed below could fall into multiple categories. And, for every type of traveler represented here, there are many more archetypes that are not.

The Faces of Career Break Travel

The educators and volunteers

career break travel, Jane Stanfield, meet plan go

Jane in Africa

meet plan go, career break travel, lillie marshall

Lillie in Thailand

Boston public school teacher, Lillie, took a break early in her career. Using her experience in Asia, Europe and a 3 month volunteer stint in Ghana, she brings her global outlook to her students. Jane from Denver, spent a year traveling around the world volunteering along the way. Volunteering is one of the most popular career break travel activities and these ladies have a lot of expertise on the matter.

The couples

career break travel, bert and patty, meet plan go

Bert and Patty in the Cook Islands

career break travel, adam seper, world travel for couples, meet plan go

Adam and Megan on the Lake of the Ozarks

career break travel adventures inTonga, meet plan go

Lisa and George in Tonga

Ah, young love. Whether on a honeymoon or recently after marrying, many couples hit the road to write the first chapter of their lives together. Sometimes, it’s just a good way to restart and reenergize their lives to transition to the next phase. Bert and Patty from Seattle, Lisa and George from Los Angeles and Adam and Megan from St. Louis, know the good and the bad of traveling with your best firend and spouse.

The soloists

career break travel, janice waugh, solo traveler blog, meet plan go

Janice in Patagonia

career break travel, meet plan go

Olivia in Iceland

career break travel, meet plan go, joanna haugen

JoAnna in Vietnam

career break travel, meet plan go

Lisa in Australia

Don’t have anyone to go with? Not a problem as these 4 strong women show. If solo travel were a fashion trend, we’d probably say that ¨solo is the new black.¨ Janice from Toronto, Olivia from Portland, JoAnna from Las Vegas and Lisa from Chicago, all took the plunge. And, here’s a career break secret: there are lots of women who decide to go solo. Gentlemen, it’s still OK for you to go solo too.

The families

career break travel, meet plan go, rainer jenss

Rainer and his family in Kyoto, Japan

career break travel adventures in Spain, meet plan go

Sarah, Morgan and the kids in Barcelona, Spain

meet plan go

Mike and Catrell in Brazil. Not pictured are their 3 sons they traveled with. Copyright

Have kids and think you can’t travel? These Meet Plan Go hosts would beg to differ. Every year, I see more and more families taking the plunge, using the experience to give their kids another dimension to their education. Rainer from New York, Sarah and Mike and Catrell have led their families around the world raising the next generation of global citizens.

Multiple Breakers

career break travel, meet plan go

Kirk with his son

career break travel, meet plan go,

Yen in Indonesia

Sometimes, one break just isn’t enough. It certainly wasn’t for Yen from Honolulu or Kirk from Minneapolis. Be careful, career breaks can be addictive.

The Digital Nomads

career break travel, meet plan go

Alyson and John in Colombia

For some, travel becomes a llifestyle. So, to keep an income stream, travelers like Alyson and John from New Orleans, set up a virtual shingle. Have access to internet, can work while traveling!

The Former Corporatists

career break travel, meet plan go

Sherry in Vietnam

career break travel in Colombia, meet plan go

Jeff in Colombia

Leaving our corporate jobs behind to see the world, Sherry, Meet Plan Go co-founder, and myself, the Austin host, represent the most stereotypical career breaker. While many businesses are starting to adopt paid and unpaid leave policies, sometimes you just never go back…and advocate for the cause.

The Back-To-Work Breakers

career break travel, meet plan go

Sonia in her Burning Man costume

career break travel adventures in New Zealand, meet plan go

Michael and Michaela in New Zealand

Here’s another career break secret: Most career breakers actually go back to their same career, sometimes even their same employer! Sonia from Washington DC and Micheala and Michael, co-founders of Meet Plan Go, represent this bulk of 70% of career breakers.


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  1. Best thing my wife and I did was quit our jobs, buy a round the world ticket and hit the road.@rtw365

  2. Sherry Ott says:

    Great round up Jeff!! You guys all rock – and I love that pic of Sonia!

  3. Love it! All of those smiling faces are on to something…. :)

  4. A great cast of characters. Love the profile pics!

  5. jeff says:

    Thanks all. Great group of people for sure!

  6. Juno says:

    Great read. Inspiring post! I can’t even think about going back to the same work place, but everything works differently to everybody! :)

  7. flipnomad says:

    great round up Jeff… a close of friend of mine recently ditched her corporate job to work as well :-) i met a few people who also did the same thing… seems like more and more people are taking career breaks eh…

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