Jeff Jung Teams Up with Gap Adventures to Raise Awareness of Career Break Travel in Canada

Written By: Cheryl Habbe

Posted On: August 29th, 2011

August 25, 2011

Jeff Jung, Bruce Poon Tip, Gap Adventures, career break travel series

Jeff with Gap Adventures founder, Bruce Poon Tip. Copyright

All together now… Ditch The Cubicle! Jeff Jung, the Career Break Travel Guy and host of the Career Break Secrets Travel Show, has teamed up with Gap Adventures to raise awareness of Career Break Travel in Canada. Over the next week, he’ll travel across the country as part of a national campaign to inspire Canadians considering a career break to Ditch The Cubicle.

¨As a recognized leader in the career break travel space, Jeff was a natural fit for our program. His wealth of knowledge and strong understanding about the issues surrounding sabbaticals added credibility to our campaign,” says Timothy Chan, Gap Adventures’ Public Relations Specialist.

The campaign launches just in time for Labor Day, a holiday tracing its origins to the eight-hour-day movement (began over a 100 years ago) which advocated for 8 hours of labor/8 hours recreation/8 hours rest for workers — the original work/life balance movement. And you thought it was just a day off to eat BBQ and drink beer!

¨I’m thrilled to be working with the world’s adventure travel leader, Gap Adventures. It has a history of innovation in the industry and a firm commitment to sustainable travel. The fact that Gap Adventures has recognized the growth in career break travel says a lot about the company’s leadership and how far career breaks have come to becoming more accepted in the mainstream,” says Jung.

Jeff will serve as the voice to the campaign in a media tour across Canada to share sabbatical advice, and speak about a recent Labor Day survey conducted by Gap Adventures on work/life balance and Canadians’ interest in taking career breaks. In addition, Jeff will host the Gap Adventures’ Career Break Series, an online 10-part video series about career break travel, providing tips on Safety and Security, Transportation, Budgeting, Solo Travel, and more. The video series will be posted on the campaign’s website at Links to the videos, Jeff’s blog posts during the campaign, and additional tips that didn’t make the videos will be found right here on our website at Ditch-the-cubicle.

The Gap Adventures Labor Day survey found that nearly half (47%) of Canadians feel they don’t have enough work/life balance, and more than half (64%) feel overwhelmed or stressed at work at least occasionally. 51% of Canadians often think about taking a career break and three-quarters (74%) would take a career break if nothing stood in the way. Barriers to taking a career break are affordability, security, and the perceived loneliness of solo travel. The campaign, including the video series hosted by Jeff, is targeted to these issues with solutions to make career breaks a possibility for those who want to take one.

You can get updates from Jeff on the road during the media tour on Twitter, @CareerBrkSecret and on the Career Break Secrets’ Facebook fanpage. And, we’ll be updating the site with lots of fresh content content from the campaign to help do what we do best – provide entertainment and advice for career breakers around the world!

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