Mexicana Refund Process Fails Passengers. What To Do Now

Well, the level of activity on this site related to my posts (Mexicana Bankruptcy Lost in Translation and Mexicana Suspends and Cancels All Flights, Scramble For Refund Begins) tells me that people all over the world are scrambling and unhappy with the way Mexicana is handling its refund process.  I’ve been troubleshooting my own case and I [...]

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Is the Global Entry Program Worth It? Yes, and Here’s Why

Back in April 2010, I was approved for admission into the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) program, Global Entry, which promises to get frequent international travelers through the immigration lines quickly.  In June, when I returned to the US for the first time since I was accepted, I was anxious to see what [...]

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Galapagos Days 5 & 6: Birds, Turtles and Fish by jeff

On Thursday, we had an even earlier start to the day since our excursion left at 7:30 instead of our normal 8:00AM.  I awoke early and again sat out on the back of the boat taking in the view of the islands.  The cool breeze coming off the water made for a crisp, fresh morning.  [...]

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The Many Faces of Long-Term and Career Break Travel by jeff

One of the most visible aspects of the upcoming Meet Plan Go events around North America is to highlight who actually engages in long-term and career break travel.  There is a lot of speculation about who the stereotypical long-term traveler or career breaker might be.  And, most of the hypotheses put forth are, frankly, wrong.  [...]

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Galapagos Days 3 & 4: Cruising Around the lsles by jeff

After an early breakfast, we were on our rafts at 8:00AM to head off to Isla Lobos or Sea Lion Island.  Just like yesterday we walked through dozens, maybe hundreds of sea lions.  We also saw a few more blue-footed boobies and some yellow warblers.  The sun was out and there were few clouds in [...]

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Career Break Secrets Announces Sponsorship of Meet Plan Go Travel Event by jeff

Career Break Secrets is excited to be a National Sponsor of the international travel event Meet Plan Go.  People in the UK and other parts of Europe have known the pleasure and fulfillment of taking career breaks for years. As people in the US and Canada engage in career break travel in greater numbers, Meet [...]

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