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Squirrel Monkey in Cali by jeff

After my trip to Monkeyland in South Africa, I became a fan of the squirrel monkey. Although they are native to Colombia and can be seen in the wild in the south of the country, I found this little guy at the zoo in Cali (not very adventurous I know). Mischievous, loud and occasionally aggressive [...]

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Volunteering for the Bears of Romania by jeff

In a few weeks I’m off to Italy to speak at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference. One of the sponsors is Oyster Worldwide, a company that specializes in volunteer experiences for gappers and career breakers. They are giving away a trip to a blogger to go volunteer in Romania at a bear sanctuary. Who knew [...]

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A Splash of Color at Birds of Eden by jeff

Last week I gave you a few shots from Monkeyland in South Africa. Next door is an equally enjoyable reserve, the Birds of Eden. In some ways this adventure is a little more fun and interactive…some of the birds actually come and sit on your shoulder, your back, your head. Yes, it happened to me [...]

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A Few of the Monkeys From Monkeyland, Primate Sanctuary by jeff

Monkeyland sits just outside Plettenberg Bay in South Africa in the Tsitsikama Forest. This is the place where monkeys come to be rescued from the care or use of humans. If it wasn’t for Monkeyland, these animals would likely be dead, or worse, living caged or abandoned. But here, they thrive, they live as they [...]

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30 Great Places to Chill On Your Career Break Travels: Part 2 by jeff

Sometimes the last thing you want is another big city.  While they have their advantages for the traveler, a smaller city or town is what you really need. But, you still want to have access to the modern conveniences.  You don’t need to get away from it all, just most of it.  So, for part [...]

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Podcast Episode 2: Live From Monkeyland in South Africa by jeff

In this episode, Jeff reports on his filming experience of the volunteer program at Monkeyland, outside of Plettenberg Bay in South Africa.

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South Africa Episodes by jeff

South Africa Episodes With great weather, wildlife and iconic landscapes, South Africa has attracted visitors from all over the world for years. In addition, South Africa is increasingly popular destination for voluntourism. There are hundreds of non-profit organizations dealing with conservation and humanitarian and social issues. Some of these have formal volunteer programs and others [...]

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Momma Lemur Going to Eat by jeff

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Atlas the Ape from Monkeyland by jeff

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Monkeys Stealing Food at Monkeyland by jeff

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