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Wrapping Up Patagonia in Chiloé and Valdivia by jeff

On Saturday, March 1, around noon I headed off to the pier to catch my ferry from Chaitén to Quellón on the island of Chiloé.  I had a final conversation with the family who owned  the home where I was staying.  We talked about Chilean life in southern Chile and how different it was to [...]

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4x4ing the Carretera Austral by jeff

On Monday morning after saying a quick goodbye to Matt, I went into town to have a quick breakfast and find a car to drive.  I quickly hit a roadblock as all the agencies seemed to be out of cars.  Furthermore, the prices were even more outlandish than I had originally heard.  I started doubting [...]

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Getting Started on the Southern Patagonia Highway, aka, “La Carretera Austral” by jeff

On Friday, February 22, we got up, had a quick breakfast at the hostel and headed for the bus company.  We heard that that the bus across to Chile Chico, Chile left just after noon, so we hoped to still be able to get a ticket.  The ideal scenario for the day was cross the [...]

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Thinking of Chile by jeff

From the time I awoke on Saturday morning, the news of Chile’s earthquake preoccupied most of my thoughts. Since my first visit there in March 2007, as part of my career break, I came to know this country very well. In the past 3 years, I have studied, traveled, lived and worked there. I have [...]

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