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Baby Elephant Eating Briars in Addo Elephant National Park by jeff

If you’ve had the chance to see elephants in the wild, then you know how beautiful these giants of the wild are. At Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa, we saw plenty of the residents that give the park its namesake.  One herd we came across had a few young bulls. Our vehicle was [...]

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Zebras Running at Addo Elephant National Park by jeff

While we went to the Addo Elephant National Park to see the elephants, there were plenty of other wildlife to see. Here we passed a small herd of zebra that were off to the races. Maybe our vehicle spooked them?  We did see other zebra at Addo, a lioness overlooking the valley, and even disturbed [...]

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Zebra At Addo Elephant National Park by jeff

There are a ton of safari options in South Africa outside of the mothership, Kruger. So, on my last trip traveling to South Africa, I decided to give the Addo Elephant National Park a go. Located in the central south of the country, Addo’s claim to fame is shockingly, its elephants. But, we also saw [...]

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Broken-Tusk Elephant Close-Up by jeff

There’s a reason the Addo Elephant Park is one of the best places to see elephants when traveling in South Africa. Once prolific in the region, their numbers got dangerously low when, in 1931, the park opened. Poaching of the smaller game is still an issue. But, the park is carefully managed to ensure these [...]

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Lioness Overlooking the Veld in South Africa by jeff

On a cold, winter afternoon when we weren’t having much luck seeing much game, we came upon this proud lady. Our guide saw her from afar when she was no more than a speck in the binoculars. But, those professional eyes clearly know how to pick out an animal from, say, a speck of dust. [...]

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Ostrich Love by jeff

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