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Career Break Secrets has many contributors and without them we could not do what we do to support the Career Break community. We would like to highlight some of our Career Break Secrets friends and contributors here: TV Show and Video Editing The masterful editing of the Career Break Travel Show and great videos that [...]

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Packing for a Career Break: The B-Side by jeff

Packing for a long-term trip is different than a other trips. On a vacation, it’s usually short enough that you can think through what you will need. Go skiing? heavy clothes. Going to the beach or a cruise? Beachwear. But, on a long-term trip, you could be shifting seasons over time. In Ecuador, you could [...]

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Down to Southern Ecuador by jeff

I returned to Quito on Saturday for one night before heading down south to two remote yet historically significant cities: Cuenca and Loja.  I had a couple of things to do in the city so I spent what was left of Saturday and Sunday running errands. I caught up with Gloria and two of her [...]

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Deeper Into the Jungle by jeff

The day started off on a few dour notes and I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out.  This morning’s wake up call at 5:30 came early and not due to the hour.  For some reason, I could not sleep last night.  So, when the knock at the door came, I moved slower [...]

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Swimming With Piranas by jeff

I woke to the gentle sound of rain falling outside.  I looked at my alarm clock which said it was only 4:30AM.  Wake up time was at 5:30 so I still had an hour to sleep.  The only problem was that nature was calling and I couldn’t bear to get out of bed.  After the [...]

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Welcome to the (Amazon) Jungle by jeff

I met my fellow Amazon travelers before heading out on our afternoon excursion, a hike through the jungle.  I dressed in my jeans which were tucked into my knee-high rubber boots.  I slathered on the bug juice and grabbed two bottles of water. In addition to our guide, Daniela, we had a local jungle expert, [...]

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Back To Ecuador and Out to the Jungle by jeff

I arrived back to Quito late Monday night.  It felt good to be back, like it feels when you’ve been away from home for a while and you’re glad to be back to something familiar.  While Quito isn’t home, I was glad to be back to my life.  It’s a wandering life and Quito is [...]

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Adventures on Volcanoes and Other Ecuadorean Highs by jeff

Well, it’s been almost nine weeks total on the road and the end of my three weeks here in Quito.  In some ways this stay has been almost as laid back as BA was.  In other ways, I’ve done a lot and will be back in a week and a half to conquer the rest [...]

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Acclimating to Quito by jeff

I arrived in Quito a little after noon on Sunday the 29th of April.  My bag came promptly off the belt, I cleared customs and met my transfer to my apartment.  The ride was fairly short, about 20 minutes through town. The airport is located in the middle of the city, sort of like San [...]

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