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Memorials at Monserrate in Bogotá by jeff

Monserrate is one of the most iconic tourist sites in Bogotá. The mountaintop sits high atop the already sky-high city that can impact anyone altitude challenged. Bogotá sits at 2600 meters/8530 feet above sea level, while Monserrate sits at 3150 meters/10,300 feet. Once you ride up on the gondola or funincular, you’re treated to the views […]

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Striped Church in Bogota, El Carmen by jeff

Last week, I showed you a typical street in La Candelaria district of Bogota.  You’ll see lots of churches while traveling in Colombia, but this is one of my favorites. El Carmen Church is squarely in La Candelaria, but away from most of the rest of the popular museums and activity. You can’t usually get […]

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Photo Essay: Day of Solidarity Parade, Caminata de la Solidaridad, in Bogotá by jeff

Every year in August, for the past 30 years, Colombia sets aside a day of solidarity.  It is a day of remembrance for all those affected by the civil strife that still afflicts parts of the country.  There are big fund raisers to collect money to send to the victims.  As part of this day, […]

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Photo Essay of a Tragic Morning in Bogota by jeff

At 5:30AM, the Bogota offices of Caracol Radio, one of the largest radio companies (and media if you include its TV empire), was hit by a car bomb.  For me, it literally hit close to home. I live 11 blocks from the site.  It happened 3 blocks from my first apartment in Bogota and 2 blocks […]

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Career Break Secrets Announces the Because Life Is Out There Tour by jeff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 10, 2014 Austin, Texas Jeff Jung is returning to the US to hold a series of travel events for people who are interested in taking a break from their normal life and go abroad for a few months. Named the Because Life Is Out There Tour, each event will show every […]

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12 Reasons Why Voice Over Acting Isn’t Anything Like Porn Acting by jeff

Last week I had a bit of fun with my post comparing voice over acting to porn acting. In the midst of my brainstorm, it was also clear to me that voice over acting isn’t exactly like porn acting. There are several important differences. So, in the spirit of providing both sides to argument, here […]

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11 Reasons Why Voice Over Acting Is Like Porn Acting by jeff

  From my re-entry chronicles. Ahem… After my career break, I made the transition from a corporate career to pursuing a creative entrepreneurial business. In developing and launching The Career Break Travel Show, I suddenly found myself sought after in Colombia for voice-over work. Native English speakers available for voice overs are hard to come […]

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Sunset in Colombia’s Coffee Country by jeff

Most people who travel to Colombia cover Bogotá, Cartagena and maybe Medellin. But, one of the true secrets of the country is the coffee region, called the eje cafetero in Spanish, and is being branded as the Coffee Triangle in English by the tourism folks. One of the things to do is to head to […]

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Statue From San Agustin by jeff

In a remote part of  southern Colombia lies San Agustin, the hub of an ancient tribe that little is known about. This area is also a UNESCO world heritage site. because it is home to ¨the largest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America.¨ Luckily for those traveling around Colombia, you don’t […]

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Looking Up Towards Monserrate From Plaza Bolivar by jeff

The center of the La Candeleria district in Bogota is the Plaza Bolivar, one of the most visited sites for people traveling in Colombia. In addition to the Congress and Supreme Court, the Primary Cathedral of Bogota is the most striking landmark. Behind it, you can look up to see the church atop Monserrate accessible […]

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