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I Love Cape Town Photo Series Part 5: Roadtrip by jeff

In part 5 of our guest post series, ¨I Love Cape Town¨, from Craig of YTravelBlog, he takes us on a road trip outside of Cape Town to some of the great little towns and nooks just a quick drive away from downtown Cape Town! Road Trip! Take a one day road trip south of Cape [...]

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I Love Cape Town Photo Series Part 4: Apartheid Legacies by jeff

In part 4 of our guest post series, ¨I Love Cape Town¨, from Craig of YTravelBlog, he shows that while apartheid is gone, the remnants and symbols of the old regime are still around Cape Town showing people what it was like not too long ago. Take it away Craig! Robben Island Robben Island, the former [...]

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I Love Cape Town Photo Series Part 3: Natural Wonders by jeff

In part 3 of our guest post series ¨I Love Cape Town¨ from Craig of YTravelBlog, he shows some of the natural sites in and around Cape Town. The good thing about this city is that you always feel connected to nature and the natural beauty of the city and the Cape. Enjoy! Table Mountain The [...]

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I Love Cape Town Photo Series Part 2: Shopping and Dining by jeff

In part 2 of our guest post series from Craig of YTravelBlog, ¨I Love Cape Town¨, he shows off more of his photos of places where you can get out and relax with a little food and a little shopping in Cape Town. Enjoy! Victoria and Alfred (V&A) Waterfront The lively Victoria and Alfred Waterfront [...]

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I Love Cape Town Photo Series Part 1: Beaches by jeff

Today’s post comes from Craig of the popular travel blog, YTravelBlog. Among the many places around the world, they’ve been is Cape Town, South Africa. It’s also one of my favorite cities in the world. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing some of their photos from Cape Town to show off this great [...]

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Springtime Blooms in the Cape of South Africa by jeff

Springtime just about anywhere is a great time to explore. But, in South Africa, it always seems particularly beautiful to me. Just to the east and south of Cape Town, you will find the home to the smallest floral kingdom in the world, the Cape Floral Kingdom, around Agulhas and Struisbaai. Springtime travel to South [...]

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Podcast Episode 4: Whales Off Cape Point in South Africa by jeff

In this episode, Jeff comes across a few whales off the shore on Cape Point in South Africa, just outside of Cape Town.
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Cape Agulhas, Southernmost Tip of Africa by jeff

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Wrapping Up Career Break Secrets 2011 by jeff

Before we say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012, I wanted to take a quick look back and call out some of our greatest hits this year. It’s been a great year for the site where we’ve seen the growth of lots of new readers, traveled to some new countries and had quite a [...]

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In Honor of African Penguin Awareness Day by jeff

Tomorrow is African Penguin Awareness Day. Did you even know there were penguins in Africa? South of Cape Town, near Simonstown at a place called Boulders Beach, you can find these little guys going about their business. Boulders is park of the broader Table Mountain National Park. And, having the penguin colony there is what [...]

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