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The Career Break Travel Show by Cheryl Habbe

Make your “someday” dream, a reality today! Follow host Jeff Jung around the world on adventures to reignite, reconnect, and rediscover your passion for life through travel. Known as the “Career Break Travel Guy”, Jeff is an experienced world traveler and career breaker who provides advice on planning, taking and returning from a career break [...]

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4x4ing the Carretera Austral by jeff

On Monday morning after saying a quick goodbye to Matt, I went into town to have a quick breakfast and find a car to drive.  I quickly hit a roadblock as all the agencies seemed to be out of cars.  Furthermore, the prices were even more outlandish than I had originally heard.  I started doubting [...]

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Getting Started on the Southern Patagonia Highway, aka, “La Carretera Austral” by jeff

On Friday, February 22, we got up, had a quick breakfast at the hostel and headed for the bus company.  We heard that that the bus across to Chile Chico, Chile left just after noon, so we hoped to still be able to get a ticket.  The ideal scenario for the day was cross the [...]

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Camping Amongst the Glaciers and Mountains by jeff

On Saturday, February 16th, I said goodbye to Puerto Natales and temporarily, Chile.  I boarded the bus for El Calafate, Argentina, site of one of the most impressive glaciers around.  After a more than 6 hour bus ride, I arrived at the bus station to find my friend Matt waiting.  After dumping my bags at [...]

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30 Great Places to Chill On Your Career Break Travels: Part 3 by jeff

In our first two installments, we gave you some ideas on where to chill in big cities and in mid-size towns. But, if you really want to get away from it all, check out these little towns where you can really escape. As with our other picks, each is very unique but they all have [...]

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