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Galapagos Day 7: Penguins & Volcanos by jeff

Today started early to explore Bartolomeo Island.  We were on board the rafts by 6:10AM.   The penguins of Galapagos are early risers to get their fishing done before it gets too hot.  Granted at this time of year, the temperature only rises to about 22-25 degrees C (about 70-78 degrees F), but during the hot [...]

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Galapagos Days 5 & 6: Birds, Turtles and Fish by jeff

On Thursday, we had an even earlier start to the day since our excursion left at 7:30 instead of our normal 8:00AM.  I awoke early and again sat out on the back of the boat taking in the view of the islands.  The cool breeze coming off the water made for a crisp, fresh morning.  [...]

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Galapagos Days 3 & 4: Cruising Around the lsles by jeff

After an early breakfast, we were on our rafts at 8:00AM to head off to Isla Lobos or Sea Lion Island.  Just like yesterday we walked through dozens, maybe hundreds of sea lions.  We also saw a few more blue-footed boobies and some yellow warblers.  The sun was out and there were few clouds in [...]

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Galapagos Days 1 & 2: When Sea Lions Attack by jeff

After a quick breakfast on Sunday, I was off to the airport to catch the short 1.5 hour flight to the Galapagos Islands.  We flew into the airport on the tiny island of Baltra.  I met up with my tour group, collected my stuff and we took a 45 minute shuttle to a dock where [...]

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Career Break Secrets Announces the Because Life Is Out There Tour by jeff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 10, 2014 Austin, Texas Jeff Jung is returning to the US to hold a series of travel events for people who are interested in taking a break from their normal life and go abroad for a few months. Named the Because Life Is Out There Tour, each event will show every [...]

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My Ode to Lonesome George the Tortoise by jeff

Oh George. You will be missed. I only met you briefly on my career break in the Galapagos in 2007 at your home at the Darwin Center on Santa Cruz Island. I was the one styling with the camera, the sunglasses, the daypack and the new pair of Keen’s. Yeah, I knew you’d remember. You [...]

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Volunteering for the Bears of Romania by jeff

In a few weeks I’m off to Italy to speak at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference. One of the sponsors is Oyster Worldwide, a company that specializes in volunteer experiences for gappers and career breakers. They are giving away a trip to a blogger to go volunteer in Romania at a bear sanctuary. Who knew [...]

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Solo Travel Tips During Your Career Break by jeff

The thought of going to dinner or to a movie alone is being the pale for many people. So, suggesting that they go traveling alone is practically unimaginable. But, for people with intense wanderlust, they are no longer letting it stop them. While some people fear they may be lonely or lack the confidence to [...]

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Why Consider a Small Group Tour Operator During Your Career Break by jeff

Backpacking on your career break is not incongruent with hooking up with a tour during your career break. In fact, during my career break, I joined tours through the Galapagos and the Amazon. I found mixing it up to be nice actually and had great experiences. But, I don’t like just any type of tour [...]

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Packing for a Career Break: The B-Side by jeff

Packing for a long-term trip is different than a other trips. On a vacation, it’s usually short enough that you can think through what you will need. Go skiing? heavy clothes. Going to the beach or a cruise? Beachwear. But, on a long-term trip, you could be shifting seasons over time. In Ecuador, you could [...]

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