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The Career Break Travel Show by Cheryl Habbe

Make your “someday” dream, a reality today! Follow host Jeff Jung around the world on adventures to reignite, reconnect, and rediscover your passion for life through travel. Known as the “Career Break Travel Guy”, Jeff is an experienced world traveler and career breaker who provides advice on planning, taking and returning from a career break [...]

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The Highs and Lows of Santiago by jeff

I arrived in Santiago on December 28 and stayed through January.  My plan was simple: take some time in the gym to continue on the weight loss path I had been on since September in Buenos Aires and take a photography course to improve my photography skills.  Further, I arrived to a small group of [...]

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30 Great Places to Chill On Your Career Break Travels: Part 1 by jeff

After being on the road a while, sometimes you just need to chill, relax and catch your breath.  Because career break travel is active travel, all that constant moving around can take it out of you.  Even if you aren’t getting burned out, sometimes you just need a break from the action. This is a [...]

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Podcast Episode 7: Camino de Santiago and Santiago de Compostela, Spain by jeff

In this podcast episode, I report from the market in Santiago de Compostela, Spain during my reporting on the Camino de Santiago. I reflect on my time on the Camino, talk about my blisters and share some of the footage I shot from the Camino and from the market.

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Life in the streets, Santiago de Compostela Spain by jeff

This city in northwestern Spain is mostly known as the final destination for the pilgrims walking or biking the Camino de Santiago. Having…

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Spain Episodes by jeff

Spain captures your attention by provoking your senses, with its food, wine, music and landscape. Spain is a land of contrasts blending its historic past with its modern sensibility. In the Career Break Secrets Video Guide to Spain, Jeff takes you around Spain from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid to Barcelona to Seville, showing you [...]

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The Red Jackets of Santiago de Compostela, Spain by jeff

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The Sweets of Santiago de Compostela by jeff

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Let’s Get Career Break Secrets Started! by Jeff Jung

It has been two and a half weeks since I started filming and what a ride it’s been. I left Bogota, Colombia where I now live, on August 1 and since then I have been to the US (Austin, Tampa, Washington DC), Ireland (Cork), the UK (London, Manchester), the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Nijmegen), and now to Spain (Barcelona, Burgos, Santiago and Madrid with a few small pueblos in between). We are in process of capturing our first videos for the site and for the video guides.

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