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Who’s Out There Now: Ted and Bethany by jeff

In this week’s ¨Who’s Out There Now¨ feature, we bring to you Ted and Bethany, a landscape architect and social worker who left it all behind just after the new year to see the world and capture their travels on their site, twoOregonians. As with many RTW travelers, I met them on Twitter and have [...]

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Volunteering for the Bears of Romania by jeff

In a few weeks I’m off to Italy to speak at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference. One of the sponsors is Oyster Worldwide, a company that specializes in volunteer experiences for gappers and career breakers. They are giving away a trip to a blogger to go volunteer in Romania at a bear sanctuary. Who knew [...]

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Options for Your Timeshare On Your Career Break by jeff

Back in 2000, I took a trip with a friend who had been invited up to Avon, Colorado to see a new project by Sheraton. Set at the base of Beaver Creek, Avon is a simple town. Of course, it’s hard to compete when your neighbors are Vail and Beaver Creek. Actually, Beaver Creek and [...]

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Who’s Out There Now: Dalene and Peter by jeff

In this week’s ¨Who’s Out There Now¨ feature, we bring to you Dalene and Peter, a couple of Canadian corporate runaways traveling the world and blogging about it at Hecktic Travels.  Turns out by looking over their travels, our paths almost crossed in Patagonia in 2009, as they were exploring Torres Del Paine and I [...]

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The Career Break Travel Show by Cheryl Habbe

Make your “someday” dream, a reality today! Follow host Jeff Jung around the world on adventures to reignite, reconnect, and rediscover your passion for life through travel. Known as the “Career Break Travel Guy”, Jeff is an experienced world traveler and career breaker who provides advice on planning, taking and returning from a career break [...]

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Who’s Out There Now: Brendan by jeff

In this week’s ¨Who’s Out There Now¨ feature, we bring to you Brendan, who runs the site Currently circling South America, he’s been through some of the continent’s least traveled spots including Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname to way south of the continent down to Antarctica. His site’s a collection of his photos, quirky perspective, [...]

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Camping Amongst the Glaciers and Mountains by jeff

On Saturday, February 16th, I said goodbye to Puerto Natales and temporarily, Chile.  I boarded the bus for El Calafate, Argentina, site of one of the most impressive glaciers around.  After a more than 6 hour bus ride, I arrived at the bus station to find my friend Matt waiting.  After dumping my bags at [...]

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Taking It Slow Down South by jeff

On Monday, February 11th, we slept in after our long night getting the car back from the Torres Del Paine park.  After over a week on the boat and the trip through the park, we had tons of laundry to do and all just needed a day’s break.  So, we all hung out around Puerto [...]

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Driving Through Torres Del Paine by jeff

I slept in Friday morning needing some extra hours after the boat trip where I slept OK, but not great.  Arris had a car he rented in Argentina and Eva, Linda, Zoe and I decided to go with him to drive through the Torres Del Paine park.  We headed out of Puerto Natales in the [...]

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It’s the People That You Meet 3 by jeff

  It’s been a while since my last “It’s The People That You Meet” piece (August).  And, given that I’ve just started a 5 week sojourn, I figured it was time to complete the update.  So, here goes.  Here are all (or really, most) of the people I’ve met along the way for better or [...]

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