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Welcome to Career Break Secrets, your home for fun and informative advice for your often-dreamed-about career break, sabbatical or adult gap year. Career Break Secrets was born out of the recognition that few good planning resources exist for career break travelers. When I decided to take my career break a couple of years ago and started looking on the web, I found precious little to help me. There was just an unsorted mountain of random pictures, personal travel blogs or companies that wanted to sell me their travel package.

Career Break Secrets will help you make the most of the long-term travel adventure by providing the travel information you need to help plan your trip…assuming you want to do any planning at all.

Engage with us on our blog, our Facebook page, StumbleUponTwitter and other social media sites.  Let us know where you’re going and what info you need and we’ll do our best to help you find those resources as soon as possible.

We didn’t invent career breaks, we’re just trying to make them better for you.

Check out our inspiration section for more definition on the type of travel our advice and information caters to.

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