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Molly has always had a love of traveling and a passion for all things creative, which makes her position with Career Break Secrets a perfect fit. Before graduating from Boston University in 2003 with a degree in advertising and communication, she studied abroad in Australia for four months.  And, she had already traveled out of the country several times—Toronto, Montreal, Dublin, to name a few—through non other than her high school marching band! A trip to Russia with her history class in the 8th grade, though, really started it off.

Because her travel experiences help generate a big-picture ambition and a drive to “do it all,” Molly took a break in her career quite early. Barely two years out of college, she left the ad agency where she worked in her hometown of Wilmington, Delaware to pursue an art degree in at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. While her break started off in the US, she celebrated graduating with a degree in graphic design by embarking on a seven week adventure in South America, trekking all over Ecuador and Peru, with a brief but memorable stint in Bolivia. It was in the Galapogus Islands that she met Jeff Jung.

Upon returning stateside with a newfound lease on what is important in life, she buckled down and nabbed a position with National Geographic Magazine as a designer. Molly has been refining her design skills and media knowledge with this very travel-friendly institution since 2007. She is excited to pursue this new venture with Career Break Secrets, a company with whom she shares a vision of making the most out of life— outside the walls of an office.

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