Written By: jeff

Posted On: May 4th, 2011

Today I’m starting a new series called ¨Career Break Or…¨ It’s a tongue-in-cheek comparison between your life at work and an experience you could be having traveling around the world. Hopefully it will make you smile, laugh, maybe even make you a little envious of those who have taken the leap so you get motivated […]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: April 25th, 2011

Meet Plan Go Austin

North America’s largest career break travel event is coming back to Austin in October. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 months since we met Austin to talk world travel, career choice and lifestyle design. Over 70 people in Austin and 1000 people across North America showed up to listen to and meet our […]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: April 21st, 2011

Trying to put together a budget with any level of detail for your long-term trip is a frustrating process. Real numbers are hard to come by. And, what is a ¨luxury¨ expense for one is a ¨budget¨ spend for another. Almost anything printed in a guidebook is out of date within a year. I’ve heard […]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: March 28th, 2011

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¨Sabbatical Leave Promotes Well Being¨ That is the bottom-line conclusion of a recent academic study, ¨Sabbatical Leave: Who Gains and How Much?¨, conducted by researchers from the US, Israel and New Zealand.  The study published in August 2010 by the American Psychological Association in its Journal of Applied Psychology attempted to measure the effects of […]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: February 21st, 2011

I had not heard of A Map of Saturday until last year during the planning for Meet Plan Go. I finally realized why: the film came out during the time I headed out for my own travel adventure.  Settling in Bogota, Colombia, further contributed to limited access to the movie. I had heard a lot […]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: February 17th, 2011

Elizabeth Pagano, How to Negotiate Your Career Break or Sabbatical

This post comes from Elizabeth Pagano, one of the co-founders of YourSabbatical. Elizabeth has personally helped lots of people negotiate their sabbaticals with their companies. So, I asked her to share her insight and expertise with us. While many more companies are offering paid and unpaid sabbatical benefits to their employees, not all are. But, […]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: January 12th, 2011

Career Strategist and Author, Julie Bauke

As a career break advocate, I am passionate about encouraging people to take some time out for themselves and getting out there. But, I recognize that it’s not for everyone. And, more importantly, it’s not always the right next move depending on what’s happening in your career or life at the moment. So, I’ve asked […]

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Written By: Cheryl Habbe

Posted On: November 19th, 2009

A career break is a time in your life when you put aside your career to pursue your personal passions and interests. People often use terms like sabbatical or gap year…

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