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Jeff hosted and spoke at Meet Plan Go Austin 2011. Copyright

Who Is Jeff?

Jeff is the host of the popular Career Break Secrets travel show.  A world traveling, career break veteran of 29 countries, Jeff inspires others to take their dream trip around the world through his writing, photos and, most of all, videos. His site has been featured in the international media including the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post, Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, Calgary Herald, CBC Radio, 24 Hours, Global TV, CTV among many others.  He’s appeared on radio and TV in the US, Canada and Colombia.

What Audiences Say About Jeff

Live tweets during recent keynote at Travel Bloggers Unite Conference, Umbria:

  • very inspiring talk! Thanks (@VisitBerlin)
  • Dear @CareerBrkSecret: I love your keynote speech so much, I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant (@adventurouskate)
  • Jeff @CareerBrkSecret is knocking it out of the park (@HeckticTravels)
  • FANTASTIC talk this morning with @CareerBrkSecret (@travelblggr)
  • Amazing opening presentation by @careerbrksecret (@theplanetd)
  • Incredible opening speech by @CareerBrkSecret! Feeling very inspired (@katieaune)
  • Excellent intro talk by @CareerBrkSecret with loads of good info and reminders Sun Tzu style (@AlexBerger)

See Jeff Speak: Why a Career Break Can Reignite Your Life: 2012 Year Out Expo, London

Jeff spoke for 4 days in January 2012 at the Year Out Expo, part of the Active Travel Show, in London, to people thinking about, or already planning, to take a career break or gap year. Below is a 15 min highlights video from that speech.

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Jeff’s :90 Reel. Take a Peek At Jeff On the Road and On TV

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Where Else Jeff Has Spoken

Post-Career Break

Pre-Career Break

  • KCI National Sales Conference 2004, 2005, 2006
  • InternetWorld Fall 2002, “Building a Healthy e-Business: The Right Rx”, September 2002
  • IBM Business Value Alliance, “Collaborating with External Business Partners”, September 2002
  • Towards an Electronic Patient Record, Moderator for two sessions, May 2002
  • Health Information Management Systems Society, “Emerging Healthcare Business Models”, February 2001
  • Texas Department of Health, “Building a Healthy Community”, April 1996
  • Texas Hospital Trustees, “Building a Healthy Community”, August 1995

Benefits Of Working With Jeff

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Delivering the Keynote Address at the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference, April 2012

  • Makes it relevant: With your permission, Jeff can talk to your members to hone his message and content delivering a more relevant message
  • Delivers an interactive presentation. Don’t be surprised if you see Jeff IN the audience
  • Delivers tangible take-aways and advice that can be used by your members right away
  • Gives all the fun with none of the attitude. Just fun and professionalism
  • Delivers multimedia presentations to make those PowerPoint slides really pop

Jeff’s available for last-minute appointments. A little bit of lead time is great, but if you need him, Jeff will figure out a way to be there

He’s Been There. Done That. Made the Mistakes So You Don’t Have To! Jeff uses his personal experiences to share his lessons learned

Let’s Make It Relevant For Your Audience

Potential Keynote Topics:

Recharge. Reconnect. Rediscover. Why a Career Break Can Reignite Your Life

Work-life balance is great in theory. But, most of us never really achieve. A career break is a great way to de-stress, de-tox and reconnect with yourself and your personal passions.  In this presentation, Jeff will talk to you audience about the benefits of a career break and how easy it can be to plan that dream trip.  Jeff will use real-life examples of career breakers he’s met along the way to bring life to the presentation.

Living Life: 5 Important Lessons I Learned From My Career Break

After climbing the corporate ladder for years, Jeff left his job to go travel the world. After 2 years on the road, learned a lot about life, relationships and making it count.  Jeff will share his top 5 lessons learned from his travels that can be applied to every day life.

Potential Breakout Session Topics For Your Audience

The Online Video Revolution. Why You Should Care. And How You Can Get In the Game

Do you want to have video on your site, or more of it? Do you know if your videos are even effective? Web video production and viewing behavior is different than for TV or the movies.  You have 5 seconds or less to make an impression or risk losing your audience.  In this session, Jeff will review what you need to know to make and use effective videos for your site to drive traffic to your site. Jeff will use real videos from YouTube to illustrate his points.

Shoot It. Cut It. Stream It. Making Web Videos With Impact

Short attention spans make it critical that your web videos grab the viewer’s attention quickly…and keep it so you communicate your message.  Jeff will show your audience the tricks to use and pitfalls to avoid in making great web videos.  Jeff will use real video from his own show (both the good and the bad) so you can learn from his mistakes.

How to Hire Someone to Make Videos For Your Site

Chances are, you won’t be the one holding the video camera or editing the videos for your site. So, you need to know how to communicate with your production team so it delivers what you really need.  In this interactive session, Jeff will show you how and share his templates so you are prepared to get started right away.

Group Therapy: Sharing Videos (Workshop)

Sometimes the best way to learn is by seeing what other people did right and wrong.  In this ¨roll-up-your-sleeves¨ session, Jeff requires the workshop participants to bring their videos and share them with the group. After a brief overview of web video principles, we will watch all the videos as a group with each person giving (mostly written) feedback on each video screened. Jeff will give his reaction and advice and will collect the feedback from the room. After the event, each participant gets a written summary of the constructive feedback to use for their next video.

Custom Content

Close, but not quite a fit? Jeff will work with you to design something custom for your conference.  And, Jeff offers group discounts on individual sessions with your members to meet with them at the conference about their specific issues they are trying to solve.

Jeff Jung, Meet Plan Go

Jeff announcing prize winners at the 2010 Meet Plan Go Austin travel event. Copyright CareerBreakSecrets.comContact Jeff Now!

The best way to reach Jeff is to email him: jeff @ (remove the spaces).  He will get right back to you!