video postcards from real career breakers

Stories and videos from career breakers, from all over the world, about how their career break or sabbatical changed their lives in some way. We wanted to share them with you, and we will update this list as we meet others. If you have an interesting career break story, we would like to hear from you. Email us at info @ Career Break (remove spaces). be inspired by these video postcards

because life is out there™ video series

Short video slices of life collected from places we’ve traveled during filming our video travel guides. In this series we show you beautiful scenes and interesting experiences that can be found when you travel. be inspired to get out there. Check them out and get inspired to travel!

rough cuts video series

Want to see the outtakes from our filming? Then check out our short rough cuts videos to laugh and be inspired by what we left on the cutting room floor.

jeff’s career break blog: a story re-told

Jeff took his career break in 2007-2008. He tells his career break story by taking some original blog posts from that trip and reposting them here. Every Sunday morning there will be a new post up with a few pictures relating to the post. enjoy reading about his travels>

coffee break podcast

Get Jeff’s behind the scenes reports from filming Season 1.  Subscribe to our video podcast and you can find out Jeff’s reactions to the filming he just completed for the travel video series.

who’s out there now?

Every week, Career Break Secrets profiles a different traveler or traveling couple who are embracing the Because Life Is Out There ™ travel spirit.  These are people who have taken the plunge to embark on a career break and are currently traveling the world. be inspired by these travelers>

what to do on your career break

Taking a break from your career sounds great, but what do you do? Where do you go? In this section we have ideas to inspire you, from other travelers and our own experiences. be inspired by these ideas on what to do on your career break>

career break? or…

A tongue-in-cheek comparison between your life at work and an experience you could be having traveling around the world. Hopefully it will make you smile, laugh, maybe even make you a little envious of those who have taken the leap to get motivated to move your own plans forward. click here to enjoy this new series>