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Jeff Jung, Jeffrey Jung

Known as the ¨Career Break Travel Guy¨, I’m one of the leading career break experts in the world. I started Career Break Secrets after taking my own career break from 2007-2008. An international traveler since my first trip to Australia at the age of 16, my career break made me a true citizen of the world. I left a fantastic but crazy consulting-turned-corporate-marketing career to learn Spanish fluently in South America, see magnificent sunsets and sunrises in far flung places like the Galapagos, Easter Island, Cappadocia, and the Nile River and learn to ski (at the age of 36!).

I relocated to Bogotá, Colombia after my career break and started Career Break Secrets to inspire others and help them plan their own career break journey. In 2009, I set out to film the first season of The Career Break Travel Show. I want to show people that a career break is possible, real people do it, and how to get the most out of their own journey.

I’m encouraged and thrilled by the reception Career Break Secrets has found among travelers looking for a different way to see the world and an alternative way to manage their life and career. In addition, we’ve been covered by several media outlets in the US, Canada and South America on TV, radio, print and online. It’s been a great ride so far and I’m hoping that you will join us as we continue to spread the word and make career breaks more common for everyone. Let’s go see the world!

By the way, here’s a map of where I’ve been to date…and where I hope to go soon!

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