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Meet Plan Go Austin

Each event will include individuals who have fulfilled their own dreams of traveling around the world, or are currently in the planning stages. Their real-life stories include an understanding of the unique challenges that all long-term travelers must overcome in order to claim their freedom on the road. And they appreciate the unbelievable triumphs of realizing one’s dream of a long-term international adventure.
If you have ever dreamed of escaping your cubicle to strike out and discover the world on your own terms, then don’t miss out on this event.

The Austin Meet Plan Go Event

Abel's On The LakePlease join us for the Austin event of Meet Plan Go! This year the Austin event will be held at Abel’s on the Lake, on the upper deck with beautiful views of the lake as our backdrop.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | Doors open at 7:00pm

Abel’s on the Lake | 3825 Lake Austin Blvd.

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Event Details:

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Meet the host: A career break veteran since 2007, Jeff has been to 27 countries and speaks 3 languages. He knows how to get around countries, get the most out of travel, stay on budget and connect with the locals.

The travel bug first set in for Jeff during exchange programs as a teenager. He found some time to travel during his corporate years as a management consultant and marketing director but found it increasingly difficult to balance work life with personal interests and passions. So, in 2006, he left his job to prepare for a career break starting March 2007. In addition to South America, his 2-year long career break also took him to Europe, Turkey and Egypt. Jeff now resides in Bogota, Colombia where he operates Career Break Secrets.

Meet the panelists:

Chris Poynor & Caroline Boudreaux, founder The Miracle Foundation

A former sales executive, Caroline took a career break in 2000 to travel the world with her friend Chris Poynor. Her life changed when she hit India where they spent time volunteering with rural orphans. Haunted by memories of conditions of the Indian orphanages where they worked, she decided to transform her life to serve the needs of these kids. She returned to Texas and founded The Miracle Foundation, which is changing the way orphanages are traditionally run in India. The Miracle Foundation now operates 4 orphanages that currently serves over 500 Indian children and since its founding has served thousands of children. The foundation provides opportunities for people to get involved directly by making trips to India or indirectly through sponsorship of a child. Caroline and Chris will both be at the event to share their story.

Catherine Emery Hearn, Life & Wellness Coach, founder

Three years ago, Catherine was content coasting safely through life in a steady corporate marketing job and a seven-year relationship. In general, she thought things were as they should be. Then one day, she was told she had a benign brain tumor. Although it was not life-threatening, the lasting impact of that moment of uncertainty changed her life forever. Catherine turned her “I’ve always wanted to…” list into a “to do” list and broke free from her long-term relationship and job that she had no passion for. Within one year, she moved to Argentina and spent a life-changing nine months traveling South America, studying Spanish, and working with students from across the world. Now, continuing to passionately pursue her dreams, Catherine lives in Austin and has begun a career as a Life & Wellness Coach motivating others to pursue their dreams and live joyful, abundant, fulfilling lives.

Angela PetittAngela Petitt, MBA, blog: Sabbatical Scapes

“If not now, when?” Unable to shake the nagging desire to travel and live life to the fullest, Angela Petitt took a step of faith and quit her corporate IT job in August 2009 to go on sabbatical. In spite of being in the throes of the recession, she decided that she would rather take a chance on her dreams to see the world instead of continuing on in the ordinary daily grind. When she made the decision, Angela really had no clue what was next. But, a few days after her last day at work, she was on a plane to Italy! From that point on, she found herself on a different adventure every month! Angela’s sabbatical has enabled her to enjoy new experiences such as playing golf, horseback riding, flying a small airplane, climbing the Great Wall in China, narrowly escaping the earthquake in Japan, zip lining in Cabo, cave diving in Punta Cana, and freezing with bone-chilling temperatures in Siberia. She has also traveled to Egypt, Israel, Greece, Colombia, Nicaragua, Germany, Turkey, Panama, and many other amazing destinations.

The adventure continues as she is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership…but the travel definitely continues.When not traveling, Angela makes her home in Houston, Texas. Follow Angela’s adventures on her blog. Where will your dreams take you?

Toby TullToby Tull, Co-founder of Global Encounter

Toby’s passion for travel was first ignited during an extended stay in England from 2005 to 2007. When he returned to the U.S., he was introduced to backpacking by his best friend, David. Since then, they have backpacked Yosemite National Park, Glacier National Park, the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, and Wales. Toby works as an IT executive in Dallas, Texas, and will be leaving for a year-long traveling stint with David at the end of December 2011. Follow Toby’s round the world adventure in 2012 on his travel site, Global Encounter.





David AycockDavid Aycock, Co-founder of Global Encounter

David, a Baylor University graduate and self-professed outdoorsman, has a natural love for adventure and working with children. As an assistant director for a Texas summer camp that serves children with chronic illnesses and special needs, Dave has also maintained an active traveling lifestyle. In December 2011, he’ll double his international traveling queue and visit more than 20 countries during a year-long trip around the world. Follow David’s round the world adventure in 2012 on his travel site, Global Encounter.



We are very excited to be the hosts for the Austin Meet Plan Go event for the second year in a row! We had a fantastic time last year meeting like-minded travelers, getting advice from experienced career breakers, great food, drinks, and don’t forget the prizes! Take a look at the photos and read a recap of our event from last year.

Thanks to:

Paige Brown CEO of TripeezyPaige Brown, CEO and founder Tripeezy and Couture Escapes


Big thanks to Paige who had been helping us organize this event and find panelists. A career breaker and entrepreneur herself, Paige will be attending the event and available to chat with, you can find more information about Tripeezy from her at the event.

Thanks Paige!

Local Meetups:

This year we will be giving you the opportunity to get more involved in the Meet Plan Go! travel community by sponsoring some informal meet up events leading up to October 18. Check back here for details on these meetups to be held in Austin.


Registration price is $15 per ticket. Register now and don’t miss out on this event!