PR & Marketing Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We’ve prepared a short flash presentation to give you some ideas on what we offer. If you can’t see it, don’t worry, just click on the link below and you can have a pdf downloaded to your computer. And, don’t forget to see a case study of our partnership on the G Adventures’ Ditch the Cubicle Campaign when you’re done with the presentation.

Navigating the Presentation

To click through, move your mouse to the lower right and left-hand corners. You can also drag the page from left to right or right to left.

[BB_SWF movie=”uploads/2012/01/careerfinal.swf” width=”983″ height=”800″]


Download the pdf of the Presentation

Keep in mind that everything we do is customized to fit your needs. We’re open to your ideas, so feel free to pitch us. To contact us and get the ball rolling, email Cheryl, cheryl @ (remove spaces), or Jeff, jeff @ (remove spaces). Or, call us up at +1-512-782-9670. We look forward to the discussion!