round-the-world trip planner

Dreaming of traveling the world? Map it!

Whether you are just fantasizing about your trip, or ready to plan it, our trip planner will help you map it out. Just click here, or on the map below, and design the trip you’ve been dreaming of. See where in the world you can go!

Jeff in Jeff in Galapagos on his career break in 2007

The Career Break Guy, Jeff Jung, in the Galapagos on his trip in 2007. Jeff has used Airtreks to plan his rtw air travel since 2007. Copyright

Access to the best rtw ticket prices so you can go further

Booking flights for your multi-city adventure can be an arduous task. With our trip planner, powered by AirTreks, you simply pick the cities that you want to visit and a route is generated with the lowest rates available. Alternate routes with more cities are also suggested to make sure you get the most for your money. Click here to start planning your round-the-world trip. Where would you like to go?

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