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Getting Settled Back in BA by jeff

After arriving back in Buenos Aires (BA), Kim and I found a nice hostel in the San Telmo district.  San Telmo is sort of like the village in New York – edgy, hip and loaded with entertainment options.  After a much needed shower (and a thorough scrubbing of my shoes), we took the afternoon off […]

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4 Things Science Tells Us About Planning a Career Break by jeff

¨Sabbatical Leave Promotes Well Being¨ That is the bottom-line conclusion of a recent academic study, ¨Sabbatical Leave: Who Gains and How Much?¨, conducted by researchers from the US, Israel and New Zealand.  The study published in August 2010 by the American Psychological Association in its Journal of Applied Psychology attempted to measure the effects of […]

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30 Great Places to Chill On Your Career Break Travels: Part 3 by jeff

In our first two installments, we gave you some ideas on where to chill in big cities and in mid-size towns. But, if you really want to get away from it all, check out these little towns where you can really escape. As with our other picks, each is very unique but they all have […]

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30 Great Places to Chill On Your Career Break Travels: Part 2 by jeff

Sometimes the last thing you want is another big city.  While they have their advantages for the traveler, a smaller city or town is what you really need. But, you still want to have access to the modern conveniences.  You don’t need to get away from it all, just most of it.  So, for part […]

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Real Career Break Travel Stories: Sjoerd and Daphne by jeff

Sjoerd had been planning his career break for some time when he met Daphne; 2 weeks before his departure date. Despite the chemistry between the two, he left on schedule in October 2007 for South America to travel and study a little bit of Spanish. Daphne was so excited about the trip (and Sjoerd) that she joined him in January for the final part of the journey…
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Real Career Break Travel Stories: Paul by jeff

Before Paul knew it, Paul was in his 30s and managing his career without having taken time to take a big trip like he had always wanted. One day while sitting in a meeting at work, he had his epiphany. It dawned on him that he could quite comfortably spend the rest of his life working for the British government agency where he was. Or, he could take the time now to go to South America, learn a bit of Spanish and learn more about Latin American culture…
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Go Behind the Scenes With Our Video Podcast by jeff

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears (or near tears), we are really excited to launch the Career Break Coffee Breaks Video Podcast. While I was out filming the first season of our video travel guide series, I also filmed several behind-the-scenes segments to record my reactions to what I was filming and give […]

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press kit by Cheryl Habbe

Download Launch Press Release Download Career Break Secrets Fact Sheet Download Jeff Jung’s bio About Career Break Secrets Career Break Secrets provides video guides and advice for career break and around the world travel adventures. Through the power of video and internet, Career Break Secrets shows people what the travel adventure and experience looks like […]

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voluntourism and giving back by Cheryl Habbe

Voluntourism and Giving Back: The choice of where to volunteer and how to choose an organization is not an easy one. The resources we list here are not necessarily recommended by Career Break Secrets. We have done some basic vetting to only list organizations that appear seem to be doing the right things. You can […]

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Career Break Secrets Announces Sponsorship of Meet Plan Go Travel Event by jeff

Career Break Secrets is excited to be a National Sponsor of the international travel event Meet Plan Go.  People in the UK and other parts of Europe have known the pleasure and fulfillment of taking career breaks for years. As people in the US and Canada engage in career break travel in greater numbers, Meet […]

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