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Written By: Peggy Ingram

Posted On: May 5th, 2010

Peggy Ingram

Note: Today´s guest post comes to you from my personal career coach and friend, Dr. Peggy Ingram. A priest who became a best-selling author and a career guru. A family counselor from Texas who now runs an art gallery in Nantucket, Massachusetts. A boat builder who bought a sporting goods store. As a career counselor, [...]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: April 14th, 2010

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¨How did you afford to take time for a career break? By far, that is the number one question I get asked by family, friends and fellow travelers when they hear about my career break.  Everyone wants to know where the money comes from. The simple answer is that you have to save, save, save. [...]

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Written By: jeff

Posted On: January 5th, 2010

So, where am I going to sleep? I knew I had to give that question a lot of thought since I was going to be traveling for longer than a year.  At age 36, I hadn’t stayed at a lot of hostels, and frankly, my image of hostel life wasn’t so well-informed. While the thought of [...]

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Written By: Cheryl Habbe

Posted On: November 19th, 2009

A career break is a time in your life when you put aside your career to pursue your personal passions and interests. People often use terms like sabbatical or gap year…

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