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A sneak peek at our soon to be released Video Travel Guides…

Welcome fellow TBEXers to Career Break Secrets. We are getting ready to launch our video travel guides targeted to the long-term traveler whether that be a month, three or a year or more.  Our guides are designed to help people really see what travel adventures await them in some great countries if they want to go beyond the traditional tourist attractions. Watch our short video above to see what our video guides are all about.

For our TBEX friends and colleagues, we are offering up some freebies and ways for you to get involved with us.

  1. FREE Video Guide to all TBEXers.  Just for being a member of TBEX and for coming by our TBEX page, we are going to give you one of our country guides…FREE! South Africa will be on our site later this summer as a try-before-you-buy product.  But, if you would like a copy of our guide to Spain, New Zealand, Patagonia, or Colombia, sign up in the box below. Yes this will add you to our list.  But, through the magic of technology, by using our super duper special TBEX sign up form below, we will get you a copy of the guide of your choice when it is released later this year.  Any questions, contact me directly at jeff @ careerbreaksecrets.net (remove spaces)
  2. Affiliate program.  If you are looking for a way to make some extra money for your blog, we will have an affiliate program allowing you to sell our guides on your site.  We don´t have the details ready to announce, but know that it´s coming.  When you sign up below, mark if you are interested in finding out more when we announce the program.  Of course, you are under no obligation later if you choose not to join the affiliate program.
  3. Guest blogs and link exchanges. We are always looking to find guest bloggers and to be a guest blogger.  So, if that interest you, let me know and let´s talk.  I don´t take unsolicited articles. I only publish after a joint meeting in which we jointly decide what topics would be a match for both of us.
  4. Other ideas for partnering? I´m all all ears. Get in touch and let´s do some great things that will benefit each of our audiences.
  5. If you want the goodies I mentioned in points 1 and 2, only use this form, not the one found elsewhere on our site.  Our other email sign up form goes to our general box.  Use our super duper special TBEX form below on this page.
  6. If you´re not a TBEX member and you got here by mistake, I will be personally checking to make sure you really are a TBEX member before sending out any product. So, save us both a lot of time and move on.
  7. If you haven´t yet, WATCH the video above.

Thanks again TBEXers.  Our motto is that life is out there. So, let´s keep working together to get more people out there!  All the best.


PS. Be sure to let me know when you pass through Colombia!

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