The English Voice of Colombia and Latin America

Do you need a voiceover in English, or Spanish with a foreign accent?

Then, get to know Jeff, the English Voice of Colombia and Latin America.

Jeff is available to help you with your English voiceovers in English or Spanish with a foreign accent for projects like:

the English Voice of Colombia and Latin America

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  • Product spots: Radio, TV, Internet
  • Corporate videos
  • Events
  • Dubbing
  • Special projects





Demo Reel

Check out Jeff’s voice in a sample of his work

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Who is Jeff?

Jeff is the host and narrator of the successful web travel series, ¨Career Break Secrets Video Travel Guides.¨ He has worked with various Colombian enterprises in making voiceovers for a variety of projects. He’s from the US and has filmed the travel series on 4 continents.  Jeff appears frequently on radio in the US and his site has been covered in some of the largest newspapers in the US like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald y Philadelphia Inquirer, among others.

90 Second Reel and a recent commercial. Check out some of Jeff’s work on TV and the web

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Voiceover with a Foreign Accent

Jeff can also do a voiceover in Spanish if you need a foreign or gringo accent!
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Benefits of Working with Jeff

  • Is a native speaker of English (US)
  • Has a large vocal range to adjust and adapt as appropriate for different projects
  • Speaks fluent Spanish. Passed the ¨Superior¨ level of the DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) exam of the internationally recognized Cervantes Institute
  • Speaks excellent Spanish, with a slight US accent, of course
  • Lives in Bogota and has high availability
  • Is authorized to work in Colombia
  • Outside of Colombia? No problem! Jeff has relations with the best studios in Bogota or can record in his home

What They Say About Jeff

Daniel Vásquez, Gerente General Media Concept S.A.

  • En una gran cantidad de proyectos realizados en la empresa, necesitamos locución en inglés. En Colombia hay excelentes locutores, pero el acento latino es algo difícil de atenuar. Con Jeff no tenemos este problema, con el uno está tranquilo y el cliente satisfecho. Es muy grato contar con su voz.
  • (Translated) In a large number of projects at my company, we need English voiceovers. In Colombia, there is excellent voiceover talent, but the Latino accent can be difficult to adjust. With Jeff, we don’t have this problem. With him, you are at ease and the client is satisfied. It’s pleasing to be able to count on his voice.
Jair Espitia, Director Agenda Internacional NTN24
  • El español de Jeff es muy bueno y amplio. Cuando lo entrevistamos quedamos impresionados con la claridad con la que se expresó en cámara y por supuesto con el mensaje que envió a nuestros televidentes. Hemos trabajado con varios extranjeros de habla no hispana en NTN24 y en general es difícil encontrar a una persona que interprete bien y fluida el español como nos lo mostró Jeff.
  • (Translated) Jeff’s Spanish is very good and extensive. When we interviewed him, we were impressed with the clarity in which he expressed himself on camera and, of course, with the message he sent to our viewers. We have worked with many non-Hispanic foreigners in NTN24. And, generally it’s difficult to find a person that can interpret Spanish as well and as fluid as Jeff showed us.

Sergio Mejía, Director de 3da2 Animation Studios

  • Hemos tenido la oportunidad y la fortuna de trabajar con Jeff en la locución de algunos proyectos audiovisuales para públicos internacionales, pues ademas de hablar español de manera fluida, hemos descubierto no solo la versatilidad de su voz y su trabajo sino la capacidad de ofrecer una calidez emocional a sus narraciones.
  • (Translated) We had the opportunity and the good fortune to work with Jeff on various AV projects for international audiences. In addition to speaking fluent Spanish, we discovered not only the versatility of his voice and his work, but also his capacity to offer an emotional quality to his narrations.


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  • From Colombia: +57-320-206-0684
  • From the US: +1-512-782-9670

Pricing available upon request.