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How and why you travel is as important as where

Travel is more than a destination – it’s about how you choose to experience the world. The Traveler’s Handbooks help you explore the world your way. Authored by experts, the books offer a fresh take on travel with inspirational stories, hard-earned knowledge, practical advice, and countless useful tips.

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About the Traveler’s Handbooks

The Food Traveler’s Handbook, by Jodi Ettenberg, Legal Nomads

the food traveler's handbook, jodi ettenberg, legal nomadsThe Food Traveler’s Handbook provides a compelling argument for using food as a primary focus in discovering the world. Using this handbook as a guide, you will learn how to eat safely in developing countries, source cheap but delicious streetside meals and discover how to make food a tool for understanding a new place and connecting to its local culture.

The Food Traveler’s Handbook offers:

  • How to discover the world through food.
  • Delicious stories to learn from.
  • How to use food-specific themes to plan long and short-term trips.
  • Ways to source cheap, safe meals in developing countries.
  • Tips and tricks from chefs, food writers and long-term travellers.
  • Ethical considerations when eating in far-flung destinations.
  • Guidelines tailored to travelers with special dietary needs such as food allergies (celiac disease, nut allergies, etc), vegetarians.
  • Packing, planning and learning resources for the food traveler.

The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook, by Sarah and Terry Lee, Live. Share. Travel.

The Luxury Traveler's Handbook, sarah lee, terry lee, live share travelThe Luxury Traveler’s Handbook proves that luxury travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Written by the founders of the online travel and lifestyle magazine, LiveShareTravel, it’s a show and tell guide on getting luxury for less. Exploring everything from flights and hotels to shared ownership and glamping, The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook is your passport to smarter, luxury travel.

The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook offers:

    • Ways to liberate luxury and find travel deals for less.
    • A route to identifying and defining your sense of luxury.
    • Luxury travel stories to inspire.
    • Routes to having more luxury, more trips and more choice.
    • Advice to help people plan their own vacation with confidence.
    • Tips on getting the best from travel agents, how to DIY-package your trips, make use of flash sales and loyalty programs.
    • Ways to travel in style and have a real experience.
    • Dozens of resources to help you plan and enjoy your luxury trip.

    The Solo Traveler’s Handbook by Janice Waugh, Solo Traveler Blog

    The Solo Traveler's Handbook, janice waughThe 2nd edition of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook offers more stories and tips on solo travel fun and safety. Part how-to manual and part travel literature, it will help you venture out with confidence to discover yourself as you discover the world!

    The Solo Traveler’s Handbook offers:

    • A comprehensive how and why of solo travel.
    • Real solo travel stories.
    • Solo and social: meeting locals and other travellers.
    • Safety: four priorities, five principles and sixty tips.
    • Planning and packing.
    • Where to go and when.
    • Dozens of resources.

    The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook, by Shannon O’Donnell, A Little Adrift

    The Volunteer Traveler's Handbook, shannon o'donnellThe Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook guides new and veteran travelers through the challenges of finding, vetting, and choosing their ideal volunteer experience. Interested volunteers will find meaningful ways to give back to communities all over the world through first-hand stories, photos, and practical advice.

    The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook shares:

    • the psychology and ethics of volunteering.
    • volunteer stories from a diverse range of volunteers.
    • strategies for finding and vetting volunteer organizations.
    • tips to adjust to life as a volunteer.
    • traveling advice covering safety, food, packing, and cultural immersion.
    • resource lists for volunteering.