The Career Break Travel Show

Make your “someday” dream, a reality today!

Follow host Jeff Jung around the world on adventures to reignite, reconnect, and rediscover your passion for life through travel. Known as the “Career Break Travel Guy”, Jeff is an experienced world traveler and career breaker who provides advice on planning, taking and returning from a career break or long-term travel adventure.


Each episode will take you to a different locale to learn something new, give back through volunteering or take a path less traveled to really experience “the road”. You’ll see the sites, hear in-depth interviews, and get Jeff’s Top Secrets for creating your own adventure and how to make it count. In the first season of The Career Break Travel Show, Jeff takes you on adventures in South Africa, Spain, New Zealand and Patagonia – and see it all in HD!

  • South Africa – Two episodes in South Africa explore volunteering in a foreign country. These episodes tell the story of two not-for-profit organizations in South Africa through the eyes of their volunteers.
  • Spain – In these three episodes you will travel Spain from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid to Barcelona to Seville, showing you how to connect to the country through its language, its food, its wine and the countryside.
  • New Zealand – In the three-episode adventure through New Zealand, Jeff takes you around the north and south islands by bike, by train and by boat.
  • Patagonia – Three episodes in Patagonia will take you on a ferry through the Chilean fjords, exploring the Torres Del Paine park, on a road trip around Argentina’s Route 40 (Ruta 40) and Chile’s Southern Highway (Carretera Austral), and a visit to a volunteer program supporting the creation of Chile’s next National Park.

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