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We have collected some stories and tips from other career breakers that we’ve met along the way. Many are people that I met while on my career break, and others are people that we’ve met and heard their story about how a career break really changed them or the trajectory of their life. We wanted to share them with you, and we will update this list as we meet others. If you have an interesting career break story, we would like to hear from you. Email us at info @ Career Break (remove spaces).

Caroline Boudreaux with children of The Miracle FoundationCaroline “The Miracle Breaker”; United States

Caroline exemplifies the kind of transformation that can happen to people on their career break.  Leaving the US in January 2000, Caroline sought time to decompress and escape the burnout she felt after years in corporate sales. After leaving India where she spent time volunteering, she was haunted by memories of conditions of the Indian orphanages where she worked.
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Kent the ace

Kent “The Ace Breaker”; United States

Kent took a three-month career break to escape the post-merger acrimony after the consulting firm where he was employed was purchased. He intended to quit, but the partners convinced him to take a few months off and return to the firm after the upcoming summer.
An avid tennis player then living in Atlanta, Georgia, Kent approached one of the local tennis clubs about hosting a summer program for the city’s underprivileged youth.

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Fabien and Melanie at Machu PicchuMelanie and Fabian, “The Cautious Turned Adventurous Breakers”, The Netherlands

Before taking their career break, Fabian and Melanie toyed with the idea for years. Fabian had been thinking about taking a break for years, but Melanie remained unconvinced, not knowing what to expect on such a long trip.  Eventually, the decision to move in together provided Melanie with the catalyst to say, “OK. Now is the time if we’re going to do this.” Fabian and Melanie spent 6 months in South America: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

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kayakFabien and Emma, “The Dynamic Breakers”, Ireland

Fabien and Emma show that a career break cannot only be good for the soul, but for your relationship.  In February 2007, they set off for a 23-month trip around the world.  They traveled through South America, Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu and Asia with their last stop in India where they got engaged at the Taj Mahal.  Over the course of the trip, they showed that a career break trip could be anything you want it to be.  They traveled for the sake of travel, they worked, and they volunteered. The high point (besides the engagement) was their month in Vanuatu to visit some friends they had made while working in the orchards of New Zealand.

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