editorial policy & disclosure

Selecting Stories for Our Videos

  • Jeff is the ultimate decision maker for what stories are filmed for the video travel guides. For Season One, Jeff solicited all of the stories and contacted all the organizations involved in the episodes
  • We do not accept direct payment for covering or an organization
  • We do accept in-kind support for the stories we want to cover. This may include a discount on the fees, lodging support, transportation support or meals while filming. Where we accept in-kind support, we will fully disclose that in the episodes in the credits.

Linking Policy

  • It is our policy to use non-affiliate links in the majority of our website.
  • If we use affiliate links, we will disclose that in the post.
  • If you are in our ¨Store¨, assume that those links are affiliate links and we will receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase.  And, we thank you for doing so!
  • While we do our best to screen the sites that we link to, any information that is presented on those pages are not associated with Career Break Secrets unless disclosed.  We do now warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information on those sites.

Guest Posts

We welcome the inclusion of guest blog posts that are of interest to our readers.  Here are the guidelines of how we work with guest bloggers.

  • Send an email to info @ careerbreaksecrets.net (remove the spaces)
  • Indicate your interest, potential topics and what your background and expertise are on the topic
  • Upon acceptance, we will schedule a skype call with you to work out the outline and agree to the schedule
  • We will publish the article with your byline and a link back to your site
  • Here are a few Don’ts
    • Don’t send us a full article blindly without discussing it with us
    • Don’t be promotional. Guest posts are intended to help inform and entertain our audience. They are meant to help our audience with specific pieces of advice to help get them traveling or to tell entertaining travel stories.
    • Don’t give up. We try to get back to all who solicit us for guest posts. But, sometimes things fall through the cracks. If you don’t hear back within a week, ping us again to give us a gentle reminder about your pitch

Link Exchanges

  • If you are a travel blogger, career coach or a blogger that has content interesting for our readers, we will gladly do a link exchange with you just contact us at info @ careerbreaksecrets.net (remove the spaces)
  • If you are a commercial enterprise, please don’t bother asking for a link exchange. It’s insulting and makes you look foolish.  Rather ask us what our advertising rates are.

Disclosure Policy

  • Career Break Secrets maintains its editorial freedom to bring the information needed by our audience to travel better.  When we receive in-kind support during the course of covering a story, we will disclose that information in the episodes or in the blog post.  Regardless of receiving in-kind support, Career Break Secrets maintains its editorial freedom to express its own opinions and do our best to minimize any bias that may be introduced by in-kind support.
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