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Episodes cover one of these three types of popular career break activities:

  • Ways to pick up a new skill like learning a foreign language, sailing or cooking
  • Ways to give back and volunteer whether for social or conservation causes
  • Cool ways to see the country by bike, boat, foot, train or other things we can find

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With great weather, wildlife and iconic landscapes, South Africa has attracted visitors from all over the world for years. In addition, South Africa is increasingly popular destination for voluntourism. There are hundreds of non-profit organizations dealing with conservation and humanitarian and social issues. Some of these have formal volunteer programs and others do not have the resources to manage one, even though they could use the help.

There are few independent resources to help the would-be volunteer select an appropriate program where their skills match the organization’s needs ensuring that they have a positive impact on the not-for-profit organization. And, there is little information for how a potential volunteer should navigate the voluntourism system to make sure they ask the right questions so there are no major surprises once they are on the ground in South Africa

In our two HD episodes, we tell the story of two not-for-profit organizations in South Africa through the eyes of their volunteers. We follow them around documenting what their day is really like. And, we get their best advice for people wanting to volunteer to help inform your own search for the perfect volunteer opportunity.

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Pilot Episode 1: Volunteering At Monkeyland

Monkeyland is the world’s first free-roaming, multi-species monkey sanctuary.  The primates are sourced from former pet owners, zoos, circuses and labs. Once at Monkeyland, they are returned to a semi-wild state which is enforced by a strict no-touching policy.  In this episode, you will

  • See a day in the life of a volunteer, Tom
  • See what Tom’s responsibilities are
  • Hear from the volunteer coordinator, Lara, on what types of volunteers attract and what types of jobs Monkeyland’s volunteers do
  • See where Tom lives on the Monkeyland property
  • Get Tom and Lara’s tips and advice for getting started in conservation volunteering at Monkeyland or in other programs
  • Get the 5W’s and 1H overview of the Monkeyland program
  • Get the Career Break Secrets’ Top Secrets for conservation volunteering in South Africa
  • See lots of cute monkeys
  • See it all in HD

Run time: 24:30 minutes

Download size: 1.41GB

Pilot Episode 2: Volunteering At Cotlands

Cotlands is an HIV/AIDS orphanage and community development center based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Cotlands serves over 4,000 beneficiaries including the kids, mothers and grandmothers.  Cotlands takes volunteers from all over the world who work in a variety of roles.  In this episode, you will

  • See a day in the life of 3 volunteers, Peter, Carolyn and Brian
  • See what their responsibilities are
  • Hear from the Executive Director, Jackie and the Director of HR and the volunteer program, Bonnie, on what types of volunteers Cotlands attracts and what types of jobs Cotland’s volunteers do
  • See where the volunteers live on the Cotlands’ property
  • Get tips and advice for getting started in volunteering at Cotlands or for other social program
  • Get the 5W’s and 1H overview of the Cotlands program
  • Get the Career Break Secrets’ Top Secrets for volunteering for social causes in South Africa
  • Hear the kids sing!
  • See it all in HD

Run time: 25:04 minutes

Download size: 602.3MB

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